OK, so calling comfort zones the devil could be a bit ahem, strong. Maybe.

Comfort is a good thing. We all want it. Whether it’s your shoes, your jeans, your bed, your finances we all seek some sort of comfort. I remember moving to L.A. and having to start all over with my career. I was in the struggle for real. When you jump into the job market out here looking to work in entertainment – it’s feast or famine. Everybody out here wants what you want. You are literally competing with millions. That was a scary feeling. I wanted it so bad though. I wanted to get to a place of achieving my dream. I did it. I found work in my field doing exactly what I wanted. Then came the fight to stay. To prove myself. Once I accomplished that, I was comfortable. That comfort was good for a while. Then it wasn’t.

The thing is when I get comfortable. I get antsy. I feel like I need to switch something up. I found that I missed the old me. I didn’t miss the struggle but I missed my hunger and my passion for it. I started to lose it. I decided to go on a rediscovery mission. It was not an easy decision. There’s a lot to be said for comfort. There’s this sense of security in it. Knowing what’s next, being used to a routine – that was comfortable. It wasn’t enough anymore though.

In shedding my comfort zone, I let go of the entertainment world. Scary. I became a stay at home mom. Scary. I dove into my passion of motivating other mothers. Scary. I’m starting a business. WTF Scary! All completely out of my comfort zone. The thing is, it’s bringing out the best in me. I have been taking my time and slowly building this space. Whenever I talk to someone about it the first word that comes from their mouth is passion. Everyone tells me how passionate I am about what I’m doing here. It’s true and I’m glad it’s coming through. I’d like to believe this quote is true… 😉

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There’s nothing easy about stepping out of your comfort zone. The thing is, that’s where the magic is!

comfort zoneHere are three ways to kick your comfort zone to the curb:

  1. Choose to do something different. It could be anything you choose. Just something to upset the apple cart a bit. See how that change makes you feel. You never know, this “new” way make work for you!
  2. What are your fears? Pick one. Face it. You may even want to take baby steps and work your way up to it. But get there. It will help you become more comfortable with taking risks.
  3. You’re going to be nervous when stepping out of your comfort zone. Feel that fear and do it anyway.

Tell me, what’s the last thing you’ve done to push you out of your comfort zone?


30 comments on “Comfort Zones Are The Devil”

  1. I took a job that is completely different than anything I’ve ever done. I need to make it through the next few weeks to let you know if it’s 100% worth it. (I’ve been doing this job since December. The whole higher education thing is completely different for me.)
    Jaime recently posted…2014 Fall Bucket ListMy Profile

  2. I enjoy doing things out of my comfort zone. I find it exciting and a boost to my confidence. I think it is important for everyone to do.

  3. Hi Camesha, I love this post. The last thing I did to push myself out of my comfort zone was to start approaching events and conferences for speaking gigs. I really feel I have a great message to share but speaking in front of hundreds of people is SCARY!! So I want to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thanks for the great tips! xo
    Puja Madan recently posted…Emotions that Heal, Emotions that HurtMy Profile

  4. Oh my goodness, how much do I love the title of this???

    What stood out most to me is your recognition that you can have the hunger and fire WITHOUT the struggle! Too often our little ego minds want to wrap the two up together, when they don’t always go hand in hand.

    The last thing I did to break out of my comfort zone was just this week – as much as I LOVE connecting with my tribe, I always get nervous when doing it LIVE, much less recorded on video. So I did just that with a Google hangout that I’ve shared on my blog – and honestly, it may not have been comfortable, but it sure did feel GOOD :).
    Sabrina Bolin recently posted…Dancing with your Shadow: How to Accept Yourself and Flow through Challenges in LifeMy Profile

  5. This past spring I started shifting my business from solely writing and editing to writing mentoring and workshops, with a larger focus on personal projects.

    While pushing yourself outside your comfort zone should be for you, if you need a little extra motivation, think about showing your kids that it’s okay to try something new, even if it’s hard or uncomfortable.

  6. Recently my husband and I volunteered to coach our son’s soccer team…even though neither of us know anything about soccer! It’s been so much fun and so rewarding and I am so glad we stepped outside of our comfort zone!
    Racquel recently posted…Homemade Biscuit MixMy Profile

  7. I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone for things that are more personal and challenging. I would like to do the same professionally.

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