This whole thing started for me around 2008. That’s when I started blogging and it became my vice. I was hooked. I started with a beauty and fashion blog. I tried my hand at a celeb site too. Once I became a mama, that all changed. I wanted to connect with other moms. My friends that lived near me weren’t married and weren’t having babies. I kinda felt like I was on this journey by myself. My solution was to find a community that I could connect with about this mommy journey. I wanted to talk to other women who were trying to maintain their identity and style after having babies.

I have to say, this community has been amazing. I have gotten to know so many women who have become friends. Isn’t that always the way things work with this bloggy life? This whole world of blogging can take over  – if you let it. Here’s how to know when maybe you’ve been blogging too long! Is that even possible? LOL!


  • Every life event is a bloggable moment.

Who am I kidding? Every day moments become blog worthy!

  • You have more online friends than you do IRL.

I may or may not be guilty.

  • You go to bed thinking about ideas for posts/new site design.


  • You inbox is a black hole. Will never see zero again.

Who has over 40K emails? That would be me!

  • Alone time with your lap top and a glass of wine is perfection.

Absolute perfection. It sets the tone for creation.

  • You take a picture of everything just in case you need it for a blog post later.

Am I alone in this?

  • Your friends are all “Are you going to blog this?”

Actually, they don’t ask anymore, they know the answer!

  • You happen to be looking cute one day and your friend offers to take a pic.

  “So you can blog your OOTD”

  • Everything you read is a post.

No matter if it was in a magazine. It’s, “Did you read that post?”

  • You keep late hours burning the midnight oil.

Because that’s the only time you have to blog.

Your smart phone is FULL of post ideas!

Bloggers, do you have any other things to add to this list?

42 comments on “You’ve Been Blogging Too Long When…”

  1. I do have one to add, whenever someone in the family wants something, no matter how ridiculous it is, they say, ‘why don’t you ask to review one?’ Silly folks… 😉

  2. I don’t know if I should admit to this or not but I’m guilty of ALMOST every one of these. Most of my friends are online, we move to much and I never leave the house as I was always shy. Now I’m not but with 5 kids not many want to chat with you.Oh I don’t have 45,000 emails I only have 25,000.

  3. This is an awesome post. My blog started off as therapy for me, a way to relieve stress from my “day job”. And I’m addicted, it is fun, I can be creative and market. I love marketing and beauty, I’m obsessed and this fills those two obsessions!

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