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Just Push Play


  This week is special for me. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something I’ve never done before. I have been putting off being in front of a camera forever. I’ve had a ton of reasons. It went from me being nervous to me just not wanting to do it. I figured […] Read more…

I don’t wanna be fearless


There’s this word we hear all the time. It makes you feel powerful. It implies that nothing phases you. When people use it, we assume they walk through this world setting it on fire. I was all about it too. I was sold on being FEARLESS! Who doesn’t want to be? Who doesn’t want to […] Read more…

Comfort Zones Are The Devil


OK, so calling comfort zones the devil could be a bit ahem, strong. Maybe. Comfort is a good thing. We all want it. Whether it’s your shoes, your jeans, your bed, your finances we all seek some sort of comfort. I remember moving to L.A. and having to start all over with my career. I […] Read more…