She did that! The Mama EditionNot too long ago, I was watching an episode of Bethenny. My favorite part of the show was the “Bethenny in your Business” segment (sorry to see the show go). In the segment she interviews women who have started their own businesses. The women are typically at a crossroads with the business. It’s their passion but they don’t know how (financially) they can continue. Bethenny offers great advice and assistance that these women likely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. There are always nuggets in there for me to jot down and apply to my business.

As I was watching the “Bethenny in your Business” segment, one mom, stood out to me. It was something about Stacey Tibbitt’s story that got my attention. It all started with her leaving notes in her kids lunches. That later turned into a business of napkins with cute drawings and illustrations.

SDT MM CameshaGoshaAfter sharing her story with Bethenny, she was given an e-commerce site, branding advice and a new name for her company: Mini-Messages. I decided to reach out to her and ash her to share some of her story with my readers. I think that if we see other mamas doing something that they are passionate about, we’ll know that our finding and following our own passions is totally possible.

Camesha Gosha: Tell me about your passion.

Stacey Tibbitt: My passion would have to be my children and my business. Everything I do, I do for my three girls. It is why I started my business in the first place. My business is like a fourth child. I am responsible for its growth, it takes a lot of my time and I love it.

CG: How did you discover your passion?

ST: I discovered my passion when my first daughter was born. I knew right then and there that being a mom was the best thing in the whole world. When I started mini messages I knew it as something that I was born to do. I didn’t even have to think about it and no matter what obstacles I face I won’t give up on it.

CG: Why is it important to you?

ST: Being a mom is the greatest job I have ever had. Being a mompreneur is something that I never knew I wanted to be but enjoy every minute of it. Being successful at this business helps me to set a good example for my children, never give up on your dreams. You have to work hard if you really want something in life and never back down from a challenge.

CG: As a mom, were there challenges in pursuing your passion?

ST: Yes, there were several.

CG: Tell me about them.

ST:  I faced several challenges. I didn’t know a thing about starting or running a business. I have had to learn every step of the way, and I am still learning. I didn’t have any money but what I did have was people that believed in me and wanted to help me financially. I knew nothing about marketing. I had to learn and again with the help of others I was able to get the word out.

CG: How did you overcome your challenges/obstacles?

ST: I overcame some of the obstacles by the help of others and of course, persistence. If I didn’t know something I asked or I found a way to learn about it. It takes a village to start/run a business and I would not be successful without the help of those around me.

CG: What do you think it does for your children to see you go after what you want?

ST: I think it sets a great example for my children. As I stated before they are taught many valuable lessons. First, never give up on your dreams. Second, you have to fight sometimes for what you want in life. And that if you do work hard you can be successful.

CG: What would be your advice to other moms who are on the fence about pursuing something they are passionate about?

ST: My advice would be to go for it. But they do have to know that it won’t be an easy ride. They have to be willing to work hard and not take no for an answer. If you love what you do then don’t let anyone stop you from doing it.

RF SDT CameshaGosha

CG: : You wouldn’t be caught dead, where?

ST: That is a tough one??? I guess it would have to be some place where someone is excluded just because of who they are. If someone is not welcomed, then I won’t go there.

CG: Most hated chore on the household chore list?

ST: Cleaning the bathrooms!

CG: Name one thing you’re really good at.

ST: Being a mom.

CG: Name one thing you think you really suck at.

ST: Singing.

CG: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

ST: Be like I dream of Jeannie…if I wanted something done I would just have to fold my arms and blink and it would be done.

At last check, Stacey was auditioning for Shark Tank to take her business even further. You can find Mini Messages here, Twitter + Facebook!

So tell me, how did you discover your passion? 

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  1. I love how she references persistence. I find a lot of keeping forward momentum in my business is finding ways to be proactive consistently. Sometimes there’s a flood of new clients and big projects get put on the back burner. When it’s a little slower, I try to focus on implementing all the big ideas that were put aside.

  2. I don’t get to watch many daytime shows, but I did see a Bethenny show where she helped a chocolate company that weren’t labeling their boxes right so you didn’t know which flavor you were getting, I think it was great she was trying to help other entrepreneurs and it sad that her show got cancelled considering just how much crap is on during the day!

  3. Great job and great read! I am currently finding my passions. I’ve been a “mom” for so long that I forgot all about “me”.

  4. Great interview and great story. I love hearing about positive and successful women. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love hearing stories like this. It’s so nice to see someone turn their passion into a business. Great product too!

  6. Thank you so much for letting me share my story with your readers. You are an inspiration to moms/ mompreneurs everywhere! It really is all about finding something you love to do and just do it. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Thanks again Camesha!

  7. Great interview!
    I love how the best business stories come about when people really manage to marry what they love with their business, so they truly live their passions.
    Such a beautiful business idea, as well!
    Sam recently posted…The Journey Is The PointMy Profile

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