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self care

Loving the skin you’re in


Ever sit in front of the mirror and just look at you? Don’t freak out! It’s a great way to know when something changes. If you make a habit of just looking at you, you’ll begin to appreciate how amazing your body is and you’ll also notice if something changes because you’re checking it out […] Read more…

Selfish Mama: Am I Talking to You?


Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a friend. She was telling me about something that she’d read. It was a post about motherhood. The author was talking about the need to be a selfish mother. At first, I balked. My thoughts went straight here: You can’t be selfish once you have […] Read more…

Mom-Me Time? What’s That?


Once a month I had an appointment with Tanya. She’s a guru when it comes to waxing. Every two weeks I had an appointment with another Tonya. She was my hair stylist. Every morning I got up just before 6a to get to the gym before work. After working out for an hour, I’d make […] Read more…