I’m a part of a mom group that meets once a month. We discuss some of everything. At our last meeting, we talked through a few different topics. One thing that came up was how to carve out time for yourself. As moms, those self care talks are something we always make our way around to. All of us could relate to feeling like it’s a constant balancing act to try to remember yourself, what you like and what your goals are.

I'm sure you can relate to the constant balancing act of trying to remember yourself AND your goals. Check out the EPIC self care tip I'm starting TODAY!

One mom talked about how easy it is to prioritize everything in her life when it pertains to her children and her husband. She shared that things only tend to fall off the rails when it’s her own life. It seems we tend to prioritize the needs of our kids and significant others and then leave ourselves on the back burner. Why?  How do we change it? We all know the example of putting on your oxygen mask first but most of us don’t do it. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed. When getting ready in the morning, I have to get myself together first. Then, I check in on the kids and help them to move it along. If I help them first, I’m always rushing and barely getting myself together. The thing is to remember that and do that in other areas of our lives. Putting ourselves first works and kind of makes it easier on everyone. Starting with something small like getting ready in the morning first, it a step in the right direction. Take that step and keep moving so that you’re doing it in other areas of your life.

The self care tip I learned from Michelle Obama

Earlier this month, I was watching Michelle Obama speak at a women’s conference in Pennsylvania. She was being interviewed by Shonda Rhimes. With both of them being busy moms, the conversation naturally turned to self care, me time and all of that goodness. The former First Lady shared a tip that I’m going to use.

She said for years (even before becoming First Lady) she’s had a practice of getting a blank planner every new year and filling it in with things that had to be done for her girls. She fills in their activities for the year that she can’t miss. Next she moves to her list of things she wants to and needs to do for herself. After those must do’s are on the calendar she fills it in with other things that come up. So when she is asking to do something she looks at her calendar and knows what she can and can’t say yes to. It a great way to make sure we don’t over extend ourselves by saying yes to everything.

I like this idea. It kind of forces you to make time for yourself by looking ahead and committing to some things. Setting those commitments help making yourself a priority non-negotiable. I’m looking forward to pulling my calendar together. I already have a few things in mind I want to do next year. What’s your best tip for making time for yourself? Are you guilty of taking care of everyone else but you?


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  1. Great post! I too understand not putting myself first and put my kids before me. But I do make sure to carve out at least time for me to get my pedicure and manicure alone and that gives me my time even if I read a book and stay up for a few hours after the kids go to sleep and maybe have a drink or watch a movie alone those are things that I carve out to make time for me to do the things that I enjoyed to do.

  2. I’m guilty of no doing much for myself but I am hoping to Change that this year. My youngest is 16 and for her hanging with friends is paramount. I plan on getting massages, traveling, dining and going to concerts. This is my plan. Hope it pans out.

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