What’s your to do list look like? I’m guessing it’s a lot like mine and overflowing with things to do. There are definitely the mom duties like getting the kids to school, Girl Scout meetings, Cub Scout events, karate and whatever else comes up. But add to that the projects that are just mine (this blog, writing projects, jewelry making) and my plate is FULL! Yours too?

I have a secret weapon for helping me get stuff done. My to do list is less overwhelming when turn on a podcast. I'm sharing 5 that have me hooked.

Because I’m obsessed with learning

On top of all of that, I’m a big nerd! I love to learn new things as much as possible. Whether it’s about personal development, motherhood or business – I’m always down to learn more and do better. While I have been tearing through books lately, I’ve also been burning through a bunch of podcasts. My love of podcasts has been no secret around here. I’ve been sucked into so many good ones. They are seriously perfect for anybody just trying to get stuff done! I listen while I’m cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, working out or at my desk working on my next project.

There are so many podcasts to chose from whether I’m trying to dig deep or keep it light. I am subscribed to a number of them for work stuff. I listen for motivation, inspiration and tips for running, growing and maintaining a business. There are some I listen to just for the storytelling. It’s like getting lost in a good book. Of course there are some I love just for the entertainment factor. I’m gonna share five of my favorites with you.

I have a secret weapon for helping me get stuff done. My to do list is less overwhelming when turn on a podcast. I'm sharing 5 that have me hooked.

  • Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History: This podcast has great storytelling. It’s like 60 Minutes in podcast form. Malcolm Gladwell seamlessly weaves his way through the stories that bring historical stuff into present day. It also touches on social issues and injustice and makes you ask if history got it right. This is one of my favorite episodes.
  • Dirty John – This one is crazy! I first heard about it from Awesomely Luvvie. It’s a mystery kind of story that will have you yelling at the characters – but it’s all real! These aren’t characters, they are real people and a lot of them are fully committed to being on #TeamBadDecisions! Even crazier for me, this story goes down in my own neck of the woods. It really is too close to home! Once you start listening, you won’t stop until you’ve heard the last one. So good!
  • Behind the Brilliance – I just feel smarter every time I listen to an episode of this podcast. She interviews some of everybody. From writers, CEO’s and bloggers, she gets all the creatives. They interviews are inspiring and make me want to push forward with my goals. Plus I learned about a candle making class I recently took that was mentioned on this podcast. An interview with Damon Young of Very Smart Brothas is one of my favorites.
  • On One with Angela Rye – One word: WOKE.  Angela is just real, intelligent and sophisti-rachet (her word). She’s also committed to the cause of social justice. She interviews some heavy hitters for thought provoking conversation that’s always worth a listen. An episode with Gabrielle Union is a favorite! It’s such an honest and vulnerable discussion.
  • Yes, Girl – This is such a fun podcast. It’s brought to you by Essence magazine. It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends. One of the hosts, Charli, I connected with years ago when hen I first started blogging. I think she was a newlywed at the time and I was a new mom. I am loving seeing her shine in this light. The ladies on this podcast are having a ball and you can tell. A favorite again is on interview with Grabrielle Union. What can I say, she gives good interviews!

Those are a few of my favorites. Do you listen to any of these? Are you into podcasts? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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  1. I definitely will check so of them out. Some of my favorites are Hey Girl Hey and Black Girls in On. Me and 2 friends just start our own podcast called Queens of Care on SoundCloud check it out

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