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Push Me!


My kids and I spend a lot of time at the park. Especially during these summer months. It’s pretty much a necessity for them to burn off some of their non-stop energy. My daughter’s favorite thing to do at the park has always been to swing. I should say, her favorite thing to do is […] Read more…

Is Two the Magic Number?


**Don’t forget tomorrow I’m spilling the beans on a huge family secret!!! Every now and then I think I want another baby.  I think it’s because this first year of my daughters life has flown by. It could be because my biological clock it a ticking time bomb at this point. If we want another […] Read more…

Has Your Dream Expired?


What if I told you that your dreams don’t expire? What if you just found out that you’re not too old to make your dreams come true? Well, guess what? All of the above is TRUE! For a while, I thought that I’d missed out on doing the things I really wanted to do. For […] Read more…