What if I told you that your dreams don’t expire? What if you just found out that you’re not too old to make your dreams come true? Well, guess what? All of the above is TRUE!

For a while, I thought that I’d missed out on doing the things I really wanted to do. For years I’d talked myself out of following my dreams. My reasons were legitimate… to me. I felt like what I wanted couldn’t be done. I was sure that I was I didn’t have the right connections, I was getting to old. I had convinced myself that what I wanted was just plain impossible.

What I found out is that I had been not only lying to myself but I’d also been talking myself out of my dreams. I wasn’t giving anyone else a chance to shoot me down. I was doing a really good job of kicking my dreams to the curb all on my own. Why is that? I’m not alone in this. For some reason, we are our own worst enemy on things like this.

Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. Take a deep breathe, and try again. - KT Witten


Sure, in my 20’s I was a go getter and all about making it happen. I had accomplished some pretty cool things. I wanted to write for a newspaper – I did that. I wanted to work in television. I did that by getting my start in local television. I wanted to work in entertainment television and work for a network. Done and done. My twenties saw me tackle these things and dive into a new city jobless determined to hustle my way to the top. Somehow, I made it happen. Then, I think I began to get scared. I felt like I had reached my limit. No girl could really ask for more. Right? Wrong!

Once I had children, my thoughts shifted a bit. Originally, I think I believed that having kids would really bring my dreams to a screeching halt! To my surprise, I found the opposite to be true. I began to dream new dreams. I began to dream up things that were bigger than what I thought I wanted for myself. My kids had given me the motivation to really get out there. Publish a book, start a blog, start a business – why not? Becoming a mom made me even more determined to not only dream but follow those dreams. What good is a dream if that’s all it is? (tweet this) I feel like since I have two little people watching my every move, it’s up to my husband and I to show them what’s possible. Instead of just SAYING reach for the sky, how about I show them HOW to tickle the stars? It occurred to me that I can’t tell them to follow their dreams if I don’t follow mine. Well, I can but why not lead by example?

Tell me what would make you decide your dreams were worth following?

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