My kids and I spend a lot of time at the park. Especially during these summer months. It’s pretty much a necessity for them to burn off some of their non-stop energy. My daughter’s favorite thing to do at the park has always been to swing. I should say, her favorite thing to do is have someone (aka me) push her on the swing with no end in sight.

Push MeWe were at the park recently and immediately she runs to the swing. She hops on and excitedly says “push me, mommy!” No problem. On the first push I hear “push me high to the sky! Mommy, I wanna go to the sky!” I tell her, I’m pushing and she’ll get to the sky in a minute. She’s not having it and start repeating, “I wanna go high, I wanna go high, Mommy!” I’m trying to explain to her that we have to build up to that. You don’t just hop on the swing and start flying. Adult logic to a three year old doesn’t always work. She’s not hearing it. Immediately once she’s swinging she thinks she needs to be touching the clouds – from the first push. Her little demands to go higher right away got me to thinking about life. Seriously, this is how my brain works. Everything works its way into a life lesson. Yup.

Push MeWhen it comes to the things we want, how many of us want it high, up to the sky, right now? *Both hands raised!* I think we all get like that. When you see the goal and you can imagine how good it feels. Or you remember what it felt like last time you reached your goal. You want to get there ASAYesterday! Nobody has time for the gradual build up!

That’s all fine and good if we’re willing to do the work. When your goal is only reached by someone else’s effort you’ve got a few choices:

Be patient. We all know nothing happens overnight. That doesn’t stop us from wanting it though. If your goals are dependent on other people, sometimes you have to just wait. Though what you want is a big deal to you, it may just be more work for them.

Find an alternate goal. My daughter loves the slide! I think she likes the speed. She could easily mosey on over to the slide where she needs no help at all instead of complaining about the speed of the swing. If you can find a work around to get what you want without waiting on someone else. Why not? There’s always another way. We usually just need to look for it. Your GPS offers alternate routes for a reason. There’s always more than one way to get what you want.

Figure out how to get there on your own. When it comes to my daughter, she is totally fine with me working my arms until they are about to fall off. She’s perfectly content to sit there and enjoy the ride – as long as it’s going to her liking. I’m working with her on using her legs so she can go “high, up to the sky” without my arms! While waiting for help from someone else, what can you be doing to help the process along? Is it time to use what you already have to get closer? 

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  1. I like this as a life lesson! I think I expect a lot of help “pushing” me to reach my goals, but I need to not be so dependent on help!

  2. Being patient was not my daughter’s strongpoint as a three year old either, lol. Luckily for me, it helped teach ME patience.

  3. Our kids give us so many opportunities for life lessons, don’t they. Sometimes I feel like they are a big mirror reflecting all the lessons I still have to learn. I appreciate this, ” The GPS offers alternate routes for a reason…”. Sometimes we take the wrong turn and we have to back track or maybe catch a short cut, but it is that journey that makes all the difference… even when we have to learn the lesson a few times. 🙂
    Dawn recently posted…When Grace Pours Out-{Warrior Heart Series}My Profile

  4. It’s been many years since I’ve had to push one of my kids on a swing. But I completely relate to your story. It is so true we adults want what we want right now! It’s a hard lesson for us to learn. If our kids can learn to be patient or problem solve, so can we.
    Tammi recently posted…Portland Photo Walk and TourMy Profile

  5. We have to push ourselves. So many time we push others and don’t give half of that back to us. I push others and go hard for so many other people and that takes away time for me and my goals.
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  6. My 9 month old is demanding so I can only imagine the more vocal he becomes the more demanding he’ll be as well. I love that you turned this into a life lesson and it’s one that grown ups and 3 yr olds can both take advice out of.

  7. This post reminds me of where I am in my life. I have always wanted to be married and habe kids. I am 35 and not even dating anyone right now. As I have gotten older I had been patient and continue to be that the right man will come along. But I am also looking at my alrernatives and seeing how I can at least get to motherhood on my own as a single mother by choice.
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  8. Patience is so important to teach kids. My Daughter used to want me to push her on the swing all the time. So i taught her how to do it her self. She was so proud of herself.

  9. What a fantastic life lesson to share. I could hear my dad reminding me the day I swung way high that it was important not to bail out (my next favorite trick) until I got closer to Earth. It’s always easier to understand motivation and life lessons when you have a coach for guidance.

  10. i like the life lesson . i push my self keep working even its too hard for me co’z i have 2 years old and a 8 months baby. i keep on my mind i need to work

  11. Def. both hands in the air. 😉 I’ve got some huge goals right now, I am working hard and getting a hand up too. 🙂

  12. Such solid advice! Everything definitely works its way into a life lesson, (or a blog post, haha.) Such a great metaphor you made here with the swinging. I can totally relate, and a lot of times I find myself waiting around for who knows what to even begin. I also really love the way you added that survey button at the end of the post, great little design and great idea to get feedback! 🙂 Have a great week!
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  13. What a lovely post. We need to push ourselves if we want to succeed. I love how you explained to your child that you can’t get that high in a single push.

  14. Omg isn’t it strange that little ones who are soooo very young can teach use the most valuable lessons in life?!?!

  15. I’ve thought of this before too, when my kids were younger and they kept asking me to push them higher. I would tell them, “you need to learn how to pump your legs so you can get higher yourself.” Great lesson – to give them the independence to learn they need to work to get higher, and to depend on themselves.
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  16. I am constantly giving myself little reminders to push myself. I get discouraged when things dont go as smoothly as I wish them to and I need to keep myself motivated.

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