For years I called myself shy. In many ways, I still think I am. For people that are around me for any length of time, they are not buying the “shy” thing. That made me think about how I was really putting myself out there. Maybe I’m not really shy. Maybe I just need time to check out the people/situation and then I totally open up. That sounds more like me. So where did this shy word come from. Maybe someone had said it to me when I was younger and it stuck. I just kept it going.

Choose YourI am always talking about the power of words and here I had thrown this label on myself. I know that words have power. The more we repeat things about ourselves, the more we begin to live that out. That’s what I think happened to me with the shy label. I just started to live that word out.

Words, huh? They have the power to make us live a certain way. Not too long ago, I told you about the words I had chosen for myself for the year.

my words empower hustle be boldThese words have really been playing out in my life and my business. Yes, y’all, I’m a huge believer in words and their power.

So when I received an email not too long ago offering me the gift of a necklace with words of my choosing, I was game. I thought about what I’d like it to say. Then it was suggested that I get “Mama Motivator”. Yes! That totally works. It’s such a huge part of who I am and what I aim to do. I proudly rock my “Mama Motivator” necklace!

Untitled design (3)I feel like this is yet another way to wear my words and live my words. I have been getting more opportunities to encourage and motivate moms lately. I won’t give all credit to the necklace. It doesn’t hurt to have it though. It’s kind of like the idea of a vision board. The more you see your goals, the more you start to subconsciously or purposely do things to live them out.

The Name Factory is offering one lucky mama a chance to win the same necklace they gave me. It’s a sterling silver necklace with the words of your choice.

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Go ahead and wear your words. Why not choose something aspirational that you can grow into? Or get your name or your kiddos names. It’s up to you. Tell me, what would you get on the necklace if you win? 

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  1. I so agree with everything you said in this post. Words can break us or make us. I have inspirational words all around my office. I try to surround myself with positive and push away the negative. As soon as you have that negative in your head it can do damage. Gorgeous necklace as well.

  2. I love your jewelry with words on it!! If I won, I’d totally get one that says “all is calm” and another one with “all is bright.” I know these are the words for a Christmas song, but I have always found them very comforting!!
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  3. I’ve said this so many times!! I call myself shy and the truth is that I am until I feel comfortable. Once I am, I’m loud, love telling bad jokes, and I’m even a fan of being on stage singing at church or in a theatre production. Definitely not shy things to do…nevertheless I do have fear when meeting new people and I think for me, that’s where the term “shy” falls. As for what word I would put on my necklace? How about “happy”?! That would be genius!!!

  4. My words would be “Lifelong Learner”. I grew up in a very small town in the Lowcountry of South Carolina (not even a traffic light). I did well in school because I wanted to make sure that I got out as fast as the law would allow. I entered college with the notion that in four years I would have a degree that I could use to secure a job immediately, work for the rest of my life, and never set foot back in another classroom. Why? Because I HATED school! As I have matured, thankfully I realized that I LOVE learning! Needless to say, I have been in many classrooms – in person and online – since I left college for the first time in 1992. I have a tremendous passion for excellence, intellectual challenges, and lifelong learning. It has taken over 40 years of living, but I have finally realized that my purpose in life is to provide educational services to students of all ages who need personal attention in their studies.

  5. I totally love this article. I, too, was stigmatize with the label, ‘shy’. My daughter now says that she is ‘shy’ because someone may have labeled her with the word now she hides behind that word. Now as an adult and because I am in management, I have to turn on my ‘directness’ at time to get a message across. For women, being direct could have a negative connotation as being bossy but if a man is direct, he is labeled powerful. So if I could get a name necklace I would wear the words, ‘Boss Chick’ proudly. Keep up the great work!

  6. I’d choose Teacher, Cheerleader. Yep, that’s me. I want everyone to know as much as they can absorb and will root them on to their pinnacle of greatness. It’s a beautiful necklace.

  7. It is important to be careful with our words. i love the bracelets with motivating words such an inspiring article. thank you for sharing this

  8. Words do have tremendous power and we all infuse them with our own meanings and memories… I was a shy child and a reserved young adult. I embraced those words because they were a good way to describe those phases of my life. Today, I’m older and bolder and I embrace all of those parts too… It’s all good. 🙂

  9. What a cute necklace! I would get “JOY”! It’s my middle name and I was reminded this week when I took my kids to see the movie Inside Out, which is all about emotions and feelings that I used to really be my name! I used to feel like JOY was a great way to describe me and many of my friends and family called me that as well. As I have gotten older, I have somehow lost a bit of that and I want to get it back. So I would definitely chose JOY to remind me of who I am! 😉
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  10. Like you I use to say I was shy all the time, but if someone was around me for a few minutes they would say “girl you’re full of it, you’re not shy at all.” I guess it just depends on how comfortable I am with the people I’m around. I too feel that words have so much power and what you say to yourself is what you believe. I need this necklace in my life and I would choose the words “be free.” I’m choosing to be free in every area of my life and live on my own terms while I empower women to do the same.

  11. I’m a firm believer of being mindful of the words we put out into the universe as well as being mindful of thoughts. I would choose the word faith.

  12. I totally agree with this! Words are powerful, and can totally impact your mood, confidence, and overall quality of life. When I was in college I had a roommate who struggled with stress and anxiety. We created a wall full of positive quotes and we’re sure to read the positive affirmations each day. To this day, I still have random quotes lying around my house that I read daily!

  13. I am a lot like you. I tend to be very quiet and observant around new people and new situations. But I have never considered myself to be shy. However the shy label has been place on me before.

    The necklace is lovely. I’d want one that said Chasing Joy.

  14. I am working but on the words I speak and the words I think! Speaking positive words is so important and makes the world of difference in my attitude. For the necklace I would get one word: LIVE!

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