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Every now and then I think I want another baby.  I think it’s because this first year of my daughters life has flown by. It could be because my biological clock it a ticking time bomb at this point. If we want another baby we’d better decide soon. My husband could go either way it seems. Even though, he’s already decided the next baby is a boy and his name is Noah. Um, OK.photo(34)Room for more?

My son wants me to have another baby too. He wants a brother. Randomly, the other day, he said that when I grow his brother in my tummy I can give him his toys. Again, OK.  The thing is, I’m not sure I’d want to stop at three if we had another. I think I’d like to have a fourth too. I guess you could blame the Libra in me for wanting things even. I dunno. I like for things to be evenly distributed. Even kids.

I think a part of me wants the big family since I’m an only child. It would be a lot to figure out but it could be a great thing too. I’ve heard there are many benefits to having a large family. Even with its perks, I seem to be stuck on the not so perky stuff. With more than two, here’s what  I worry about :


  • I don’t want anyone to feel shorted, forgotten or left out. I already feel like I’m trying rally hard to give my two “equal” attention.  Adding another in the mix would be the perfect storm for crazy.  Maybe.


  • I worry about finances too. We live in California. It’ the land of cha-ching!  Everything is expensive around these parts. Kids cost enough on their own but living here each new baby is like taking out a new mortgage. I heard a number a while ago about how much kids cost. I forget what that number is but I’d say double it for Californians.

House Hunters

  • We’d have to think about a bigger house. We’ve already been talking about it but we’d have to stop talking and start doing with another bambino. We already feel pretty crowded in our three bedroom, adding another child would be a tight squeeze, for sure.

The Ride

  • Then there’s the car. I was already on the edge about a minivan. Another baby would just push me right on over the edge into minivan land. Have I just talked myself out of another baby? Pretty convincing case, huh? Maybe two is the magic number. Hmmm… maybe baby fever will pass. Soon.

Do you have a magic number when it comes to kids? Have you reached your magic number?

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  1. I would really love to have one more child. I only have one now. While I don’t usually attach deadlines to many life events, I am pretty set on February (not sure why I choose Feb) being my deadline to get pregnant. I’m 30, my daughter is almost 4, and I don’t want my children to be that far apart in age. Four year is pushing it for me. Prayerfully our desires will line up with that of the Lord. So Lord if you hear me I’d like to get pregnant in a couple weeks. Amen. P.S. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!
    Andrea recently posted…Building IntimacyMy Profile

  2. I think I’m like you – I like even numbers. Three kids? Might as well have four?
    I have two and I’m pretty happy with that for now. One boy and one girl. I think if finances changed, maybe three could happen. I’m still afraid of being outnumbered and running out of car/house space but people seem to work that out.
    Like your son, my daughter very specifically wants to choose her other sibling. She wants a girl. I try to tell her we can’t promise that..
    Tamara recently posted…Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.My Profile

  3. I think 1 is my magic number. Then, I’ll see a pregnant woman in a store or a newborn and think, 2 is my magic number. Then, I think about the cost of daycare, 2am feedings, potty training and think 1 is my magic number! I’m giving us a couple more years to see. If nothing is cooking, I’m shutting the factory for good and getting my tubes tied.
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  4. Go girl, get you a 3 or 4 pack!
    I’ll say, three wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I would have loved 2 and 2, but now that Alija is 1, all I’m working on is getting my Fine and Sexy body back. So, the factory is out of business, but we are all for adoption when the time is right.
    Have fun deciding!

  5. Children should be the minority…… Hahaha. This is from me and your mother. Ur mom says she’s trying to have a life now. Not babysitting. Lmbo. I luv ur mama. She said, u just want ur parents to move to California. Maybe u should just ask nicely Instead.

  6. I have baby fever. My little guy is turning 1 in a few days and I cannot see me stopping at him. It’s like something in me is not over. I NEED to have another one. We have to do some serious planning to get it done.
    KalleyC recently posted…One Year AgoMy Profile

    • Hmm… being an only child was really cool growing up. I grew up with cousin’s who were like my sisters. It was great having them around. Because they are my cousins, I still got all of the one on one attention from my mom when they were gone home. As an adult, being an only child isn’t my favorite thing. Mostly I just worry about my parents aging an how I’ll deal with that as an only. Great thing is I’m married, so I’ve got a partner! 🙂
      For you, I think your baby is blessed to have you as parents. After all you’ve one through, that’s one LOVED baby!!!
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  7. I asked my wife for four and her response was, if you provide income for four she’s ok with it. Now after having two little ones under the age of 4 I’m happy to maybe get one more… But we’ll see what the future holds.

  8. I think one might be our magic number. I see babies and hold babies and think, I want another. But then I remember waking up in the middle if the night, breastfeeding, potty training. And then I saw how much it is for daycare. Chile…..

  9. I wanted 3 until I had two then I think no can’t do it. They are expensive I have one of each if I had two boys or maybe two girls I would try for the opposite sex but I am good. I will just hold somebody baby and then give it back.
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  10. Oh wow she’s SO big (and adorable!). I feel ya on the even # of kids. It’s either 2 or 4 for me. Odd #s don’t work out so well IMO after observing friends/family with odd #s of siblings. Plus there are so many things in life that are more accommodating for even numbered groups. About the cost thing I have strong opinions about that especially living in NYC, but growing up in Ohio in a family with 4 kids and my husband’s family growing up in NYC also with 4 kids and neither of our families were rich by any means; I think it has more to do with lifestyle choices. In general (and in America especially!) we make our lives way more expensive than they need to be.
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  11. Wow! That is a tough one. But thank you for sharing.
    As a mum of a 2.5 year old, I identify with the predicament you are in. I always thought that I wanted 4(!) and yet right now, both my husband and I are happy with the one. While there are pluses and minuses to both sides, I think you have to follow what’s in your heart. Would you regret it if you didn’t have a second? It’s a tough call!
    But I’m sure you will make the right decision for your family 🙂
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  12. It’s so hard! I feel like my second’s first year just flew by too. We are done with two but it’s a little bittersweet. I’m not sure I can handle more than two! It’s so easy right now for us to tackle a child or not a big deal if once of us leaves the other parent with the two kids.
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