Growing up, you think you know your parents. When you become an adult, you find out how much you really don’t know about the people who raised you. For me, I’ve learned more about my mother now that I’m an adult. We have more honest conversations now. With age and maturity on my part, there are things that we can obviously share now that we couldn’t have when I was younger.

The same can be said about my dad. I have gotten to know him in a different, better way since I’ve been a grown up. With that being said, parents can still drop a bombshell on you every now and then. That’s exactly what happened when I was at home recently. While at home last month, my dad decided to share something with our family. I seriously thought he was joking until he brought out evidence. My dad has always wanted to dance, tap dance. Who knew? He talked about classes that he never got around to taking. I thought he was just being silly. My dad is a jokester that way. As he continued to talk, he shared that he had even bought the shoes – twenty years ago!!! I looked at him in disbelief. I’m sure he saw it on my face because then he went to get the shoes from a closet. My husband and I convinced him to lace them up. We wanted to see daddy in action.

In our generation, if it’s not on YouTube, it didn’t happen, right? So, my husband pulled out his phone ready to tape the action. After a few test tap dances, my husband decided that he is my dad’s manager and filmed his debut performance.

As for his stage name, my dad chose 75 cents. My mother re-named him 6 bits (the same value of 75 cents). I told my dad I would make him a star and take this video viral!! Feel free to share on FB, tweet it, whatever. The divo grandpa keeps checking with us on his pageviews!!!!

I present to you 6 Bits!!! Enjoy!

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