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After finishing high school, I left Detroit and  moved to Ohio to attend college. It was rough those first several days. The moment my mother turned to leave I cried – HARD! Remember, my mom and I are thisclose. It was a huge adjustment to be now living on my own. No more of mom’s home cooking, no more of the world I had grown so accustomed to. No more of the day to day with my mom. That was more than I thought I could handle.  Luckily my university was AWESOME! I met people who were feeling the same way and others who were just happy to be starting this new chapter. I quickly got it together and settled in to my new pre-adult life!

Hanging out in my dorm room

People say it all the time, but it really was true for me, I met some of my best friends in college. People who’d later ask me to be in their weddings and them in mine. My husband also attended the same school but, we somehow didn’t know each other. On a campus of less than 3,000 students, we had never crossed paths. Weird, I know. We’ll talk more about that next time!

Back to Ohio, I had the best college experience and still keep in touch with professors and administrators. Like, seriously, we’re on Facebook and we email each other! It’s a beautiful thing. After graduating with a degree in Communications Radio/TV,  I immediately went to work as an editorial assistant for a newspaper in the area. I had minored in journalism for awhile and this seemed like the perfect fit. I didn’t complete the minor because it would have kept me in school longer than four years. Looking back, I still regret that! I don’t know why I was in such a hurry to get to work! LOL!

I hung around the newspaper for a while and eventually was asked to begin writing feature pieces. I loved the whole process of getting to interview people and have my pieces run in the paper. I think this is where my love of writing kicked in.  As much as I loved it, I still felt like I had to give television a chance. You know, since my degree was in television and all!

After some time, I landed my first TV job –  in the newsroom! That was a totally different world. I absolutely love TV! The high pressure, quick turnaround is my thing! I worked my way up from lowly minion to producing. I eventually grew  tired of news though. I felt like it was just full of depressing stuff. Robberies, murders, kidnapping, etc. I wanted something different, somewhere different. I wanted to work in entertainment television. To do that, I had to leave Ohio and there were two choices. Would it be New York or Los Angeles? More on how that decision came to be next time!

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  1. College is nice I had a scholarship for Hampton but I did not want to move to far from my mom. So I could only go away 4 hours just in case I needed to go home (which I did a lot). I love those college years sadly a lot of my friends and I do keep in touch but they moved away so it’s not the same. It’s great getting to know you can’t wait for more.
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  2. I’m loving these “about me” posts! Especially since I never realized that we’ve had a lot of the same life experiences.

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t mention me by name, your RA, Student Ambassador and cooler than a fan friend. HAHA. I am so glad that you enjoyed CSU like I did. I would do it all over again the same way, no regrets!


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