What was I thinking? Why did I say yes? I have decided to be a part of NaBloPoMo! The insanity! I clearly, have lost my freaking mind. NaBloPoMo is a blogging marathon. I don’t do marathons. I much prefer sprints. I need a break here and there, you know? But, alas, I submitted Bibs & Baubles to the blog roll and I have committed to blog in this here space every freaking day – including the weekends! My sacred weekends, people!

The benefits of this, you ask? Well, word on the street is I’ll work my writing muscle and grow into a better writer. The other perk is that perhaps a few new peeps will come and check me out and fall in love with all things Bibs & Baubles. All of which would be very cool. The other perk is that there are prizes – daily prizes. I haven’t really read much about how that works because I’m a nerd and I’m all caught up in the writing of it all. So, here’s the deal: be on the lookout for daily (including weekend) posts from yours truly. If you get a second on your weekend stop by and show me some love. I’d really appreciate it! Wish me luck!

I’m told people drop out all the time from burnout!!! I can so see how that would happen! Are you doing NaBloPoMo? I think you have until the 5th to add your blog to the blogroll. Am I crazy? Wait, don’t answer that!!

I’ve chosen a prompt for today:  What is your favourite part about writing?

Here’s my answer!

There is something about putting pen to paper or these days putting fingers to a keyboard that just makes me happy. Who knew that using a keyboard would be our primary way of communication? I remember when I used to actually use a phone to ask a colleague a question. Shoot, nothing is easier to firing off an email these days. I used to use my cell phone to call my friends. Now, if it’s a quick question, I’m all about a text.

Keyboards are taking over my life and I’m not really mad about it. I think it’s because I sometimes express myself better in written form. That may be the key to why I love to write. My favorite part of writing is just getting it all out. I love how things pop into my head faster than I can type/write them down. I love to feel the urgency of getting my thoughts out of my head. I love to look back at what I’ve written and think those words couldn’t have possibly come from me. I tend to go into a zone at times and lose myself in the words.

Writing is SO different from being in a conversation. We tend to listen just long enough to form a rebuttal and then we just wait for the other person to zip it so we can make our point. It’s not that way all the time but, it can be common  when the topic is something we’re passionate about. I’m saying “we” but, maybe that’s just “me”? LOL! I’ve found that when I write I have more time to express myself.  I’m in no rush to explain something. I can go into detail, I can re-organize my thoughts. I can hit backspace to choose a better word or hit delete to start all over again. That’s part of the beauty of writing for me. Clearly, I’ve chosen the my profession well. If the truth be told though, I’d write even if I wasn’t getting paid to do it. That’s how experts say we know what our passion is, right? People always say to find your passion figure out what you love to do so much that you’d do it for free. For me, that’s writing.

Have you found your passion? Tell me what it is!  What’s your favorite part of writing?

26 comments on “NaBloPoMo – Writing”

  1. Good luck! I am still undecided….I think I can, I think I can. Well we will see. lol
    My favorite part of writing is the ability to write for me and no one else, and to tell the story in my own way.
    I have enjoyed writing for a long, long time and it has always been a means of expression for me. When I wasn’t sure how to verbally express myself, I would write a letter because the words always flow exactly the way I want them to on paper (minus the spelling part). 😉
    Optimistic Mom recently posted…Advice to fellow southerners when traveling northMy Profile

  2. My true passion is scrapbooking, I think, but sadly, I have no time to do it right now. 🙁

    I did NaBloPoMo twice I think, and I made it all the way through, but now….I do so love some weekends off! 🙂
    blueviolet recently posted…Roy G. Biv – WWMy Profile

  3. You can do this! It’s me who can’t:) I’d lose focus after a week. My favorite part of writing is just the ability to decide what I want to write about. I can have fun with it!

    Hugs and Mocha,
    Steshasims recently posted…Pinning PolyvoreMy Profile

  4. My favorite thing about writing–I can write things that I have a very difficult time verbalizing. There is a certain freedom when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Good luck on the challenge! I think it would be very interesting to take part in it, but I totally don’t have the time for it right now. I’ll be following along as you write though!
    kateri recently posted…Only a Person Who Risks is FreeMy Profile

  5. I do love writing. I’m not sure if I am very good at it but like you the feeling of firing off my thoughts is comforting. Thank goodness I can type fast!

    Unfortunately, I am not the best at the grammar portion of writing and I think that has discouraged me in the past from trying to venture further than my blog.

    Glad you are joining in on the madness.
    Mimi recently posted…What Was I Doing Again?My Profile

  6. I still don’t quite understand the marathon. I have no problem posting everyday! I know, im crazy!

    As far as writin, I don’t like writting… so of course I have a blog? I am not good with grammar either or good at putting what I am thinking on paper. So I just write how I would tell you if you are in my face. Can you be my writting coach?
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