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After moving to Los Angeles, the first thing I did was make use of the computer. I was looking for jobs and temp agencies like a crazy woman. I had an apartment maybe a quarter of the size of my place in Ohio and almost twice the rent. I needed to work – and fast! I found work here and there eventually. I used my savings and cashed in some stocks to pay the bills. Finally, I found a temp job that became permanent and started to exhale a bit. I was totally enjoying this new city now and beginning to settle in.

The only issue is I hadn’t found a job in my field yet. It took two years for me to get into the company where my HR friend worked. I was patient because I really wanted to work there. Sure I applied other places but this place was my goal. After about 4 interviews, I finally landed a job where I wanted to work. I have been with that same network now for over 7 years now and I’m so happy that my persistence paid off. The original goal was to work in entertainment television in New York or Los Angeles. Mission Accomplished!

While settling in to L.A . I met a young man through our local alumni chapter. We became friends and would hang out with the rest of our alumni friends on a regular basis. We all had the best time. Then the man and I started going to the movies and dinner on our own. After a while we just started hanging out together all the time. Everyone always thought we were a couple but I maintained that we were just friends. I mean, he’s a year younger than me and an inch shorter than me. Wouldn’t work out, right?

Over time, we built this great friendship that I’m so thankful for. If I’m being honest, I knew the minute I met him that he would be special to me. I just didn’t know how. Years later, we started dating and it was just easy. He already knew me. I didn’t need to be cute all the time (though I tried). I didn’t have to send my representative and wait for the comfort to kick in. It was instant comfort. Eventually we took the leap and got married. Through that joint venture, we’ve produced an amazing little boy.

Who knows what’s to come! Setting new goals now.  I’m looking forward to writing the rest of our story together.

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  1. Hi Cam!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site. It’s quite refreshing to come across your blog. Your baby boy is absolutely adorable. If I had a boy, I would want to dress him him just like that. You have a beautiful family. Can’t wait to read more. You mention you work in TV! Where? So do I!

  2. This was such a good series..isnt it amazing how some decisions can change your life forever!!! The little man is too cute…the hat is adorable
    On him!!

  3. Love this series! I worked in tv news for 10 years as director/technical director. I fell out of love with it. I’m now working with a adult literacy non-profit. I’ve found my calling!! No matter what the road looks like to get us there, it’s such a blessing to be able to live your dream!

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