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5 Ways to Start Your Day All Wrong


The Miracle Morning! Have you heard of it? It seems everyone I know, including me, is on a mission to reclaim their mornings. It seems like all the good stuff has to happen in the morning to make it a great day. So as I’ve been planning and adding to my mornings, I’ve shared it […] Read more…

5 Steps to Your Amazing Life


Last week I talked about creating a morning routine. Mine is still a work in progress and I’m adding things as I go. I’m working little by little to create one that works for me and actually energizes me instead of piling on a bunch of things that will eventually drain me. There is a song […] Read more…

Donatello + Elsa were here


Elsa and Donatello made their way to our house for Halloween. My kids were super excited about Halloween this year. For my son, it’s all they’d been talking about at school. He comes home every day with new Spanish words for things related to Halloween. He was ready. My daughter feeds off her brother’s excitement. […] Read more…