Giving more thought to the goal of 40 before 40, I’m finding out there are a boat load of things I want to do. I think it took me sitting down and writing it out to realize or remember that I have so many interests! I’ll take that as a good thing. The next thing on the list is photography! I have always been interested in photography. I secretly think I could really just like saying “aperture”. I love beautiful photos – mostly of things in nature. I love simplistic things up close so that you see their complexities. I took a photography class in college and always wanted to do more with it. I mentioned my strained relationship with our current camera before. I would really like to capture more of my son growing up with really great photos.  I think that maybe one day he would appreciate that. Besides, there’s no better practice subject than my sweet little boy!  So it’s going on the 40 before 40 list. I will enroll in a photography class and get to clicking! Any suggestions for a great starter camera??

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  1. I saw a ridiculous deal on a canon T1-i at this place called “Factory Store” by my mom’s house. Kind of far, out in Rancho Cucamonga, but the full camera kit was $399. It’s a really nice camera – even takes HD video. It’s an SLR.

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