News flash! Apparently, we are not cool parents.  Shocking, I know. Well, at least I was shocked, a little. We went to our son’s school for a show. We had our camera in tow to capture all the cuteness for posterity. The show started and we all pull out our cameras. We looked around and I swear it looked like we were in the midst of some paparazzi frenzy. The cameras the other parents had were amazing! The super zoom lenses on those things were crazy! What. In. The. World. Then, there was us. We had our lovely, digital point and shoot. It seems, that’s not where it’s at. My husband and I agreed – we need a new camera. I thought the peer pressure at school just applied to the kids?

4 comments on “Toddler Paparazzi”

  1. I was waiting for the “uncool” parent story.

    Kids don’t care what kind of camera their parents have. In fact, the big expensive ones may be MORE embarrassing (depending on the situation).

    I found you via Monday blog hop and enjoyed reading. 🙂 I couldn’t find where to follow you!

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    Happy Monday!

    ~ Francine

    • Francine – good point. My son might be completely embarrassed if we one day pulled out a super zoom, high powered lens at this school play! Thanks for stopping by! As far as the follow – there is a box under the subscribe box for following. I’m thinking now I should make that a wee bit bigger, huh?

  2. As long as you can take a photo that you love…that’s all that matters!! I agree with Francine…how to follow??
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    • Diane – I think you’re right. I thought our little camera was pretty cool. It captures the memories and that’s the point. 🙂 As far as following, there is a small box to the right from Networked Blogs under the subscribe box. Perhaps I should opt for the larger one. 😉

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