Take me outside, please. - Lola

Every since we brought the baby home our first born has been feeling a little left out. Like she’s been put on the back burner. When I was pregnant everyone told me that things would change and that I wouldn’t think twice about “that dog”. Their words, not mine. I strongly doubted my love changing for my Lola girl. Then another, stronger, deeper love settled in. As much as I want to play with Lola or take her to the dog park and all the other stuff I don’t have the time, attention or energy to give. She usually gets some love after the little guy goes to sleep. She is soo thankful for the attention. I just feel bad. My husband and I both wish we could give her more. Finding that balance with her is hard. We love her and want her to be as happy as deserves to be but, sometimes the guilt of what we can’t give her kicks my butt. Any suggestions on making it work?

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