Do you know what I’ve been working on? Getting my life right! For the last few years, I have been telling myself that I was going to create a vision board for myself. I had heard from so many people that they truly make a difference. I love the idea of having my goals and dreams in my face. The whole biblical notion of writing the vision is totally at play here. So, I set out to “write” my vision out and see what comes of it.

I own one million and twelve magazines. So, the first step of clipping images and words was easy and overwhelming all at the same time. It was overwhelming because I have one million and twelve magazines! My son saw my cutting the magazines up and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him I was working on a project. He wanted to know more about it. I explained to him that I was working on a vision board. I told him that the board was full of things I wanted to see happen in my life. He now wants to do one too! I’m looking forward to working on that with him! I’m sure it will be full of pictures of Ninja Turtles and Bat Man, but it will be fun to do it together.

It took me a few days to cut things out that spoke to me. I’m sure I would have been done sooner but, I can only work once those babies are knocked out! Once I had all that I thought I needed, I got one of my sons crafting boxes and went crazy with the glue stick! It was really cool to see it all come together. I felt like I was watching things come together. It was life just looking at the words as I put the board together made it closer to reality. The board was already working. Putting this board together made me feel like I was putting some action behind my desires.

Here’s what I ended up with. I want to frame it and leave it in my bedroom. I don’t use the office enough to keep it in there. If it’s in my bedroom, I’ll have no choice but to look at it everyday.

Random 025The board focuses on my fitness, family, business overall. I can say that I have already been making some progress in a couple of areas. I’m working to get all things in motion. I’m super excited!

Have you done a vision board? What do you do to keep your goals in your face and on track?

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  1. I did one about two years ago and it still is hanging up in my bathroom. I look at it every single day. Some things I have accomplished and some not so much, but I am working towards everything. Yay to team #GetYourLife. 🙂

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