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I was watching their latest version of House Hunters. It’s call House Hunters: Off the Grid. The show follows people who want to live in odd places. Maybe not odd but definitely off the beaten path. The episode I watched featured a guy who was moving from Australia to Norway to be with a woman he’d met there on vacation. Apparently, their connection was so good that he was convinced he needed to move to a place with a summer high of 42 degrees. Brrr…

As the episode went on, they talked about all the “highlights” of Norway. The city they were looking at had twenty-four hours of day light at the time. Yes, 24 HOURS of daylight! My kids think it’s a party now when I put them in the bed and it’s still light out at 7:30, they would be off the wall in Norway. Black out shades would have to cover the house. Anywho, back to the show.

One of the houses the man looked at had an outhouse as the only restroom in the house. With temperatures hitting -30 degrees at times, who is trying to use an outhouse? Not I! In another home they looked at, a chair in the house had been mangled. The reason is, a polar bear had broken into the home and basically attacked the chair. Polar bears BREAKING IN to a house! No ma’am!

Speaking of polar bears, the man was told that he would have to carry a flare gun at all times to protect himself from the polar bears. He was told that if the flare gun didn’t scare the bear away that he had to use a gun to protect himself. So this man needs to walk around the arctic carrying two guns to protect himself from POLAR BEARS! Again, no ma’am! Why is this appealing again?!? What did that woman do to him? How did she convince this man to leave Australia to come to Norway! ?

As the Realtor was showing him around he said (way too casually), “You’re not allowed to die here. There is no hospital.” DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF! Even if I could take the polar bears and the extreme cold, this warning would be enough for me to roll out.

Have you seen this show? Would you be willing to live this far off the grid?

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  1. I LOVE House Hunters but haven’t heard of this extreme version (we just watch old episodes via Roku). Perhaps the guy just needed a bit of adventure, but yeah, that’s pretty crazy! When my husband (then BF) was working in Finland and I went up to visit I couldn’t get over how dark it was. SUPER depressing and the people looked it too. I just couldn’t deal with darkness like that. Oh and polar bears?! Definitely a deal breaker.
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  2. I love shows like this and I should look it up.. Right now the fam and I are into an alaskan travel show where people are looking to buy a house in Alaska but have so much $ to spend…. Alaska is an entire diff world! It amazes me…

  3. It sounds like living in Kodiak, from the bear protection to the alternate 24 hours of day and night. My brother lived there for a number of years working for the coast guard and protecting the country. Many people will do a lot for love or love of country!
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  4. No! You lost me at polar bears. They are one of the deadliest animals on earth! They just want to eat. And food is scarce. And they attack. Ack!
    And the outhouse! And endless darkness or sunlight. NO!
    He must really love that woman..
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  5. I haven’t seen this show yet. Why couldn’t she move to Australia? Having her adjust to modern day conveniences might have been easier than him getting used to no toilet, polar bears, carrying guns and lack of a hospital.
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  6. I’ve watched House Hunters before and I love the show. I haven’t seen off the grid though – not sure i would want to live ANYPLACE with a high of 42degrees.

  7. Hahhaha OH MY GOSH. I have watched House Hunters for yeeears, both the normal one and international one but I had no idea this one existed. I’m going to search my guide for this and record some. Sounds hilarious!
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  8. I watched it once. I doubt I would again, though. I’m a Property Brothers junkie right now (I yell at the people on House Hunters too much to enjoy it anymore).

  9. I saw an episode where they were moving to the other extreme. This place was so hot that they had to live underground in these things called dugouts. Interesting. The man had moved there because it was a mining town and uprooted his wife with two small children from all of her family to be isolated in this place.

    I’ll stick to the regular House Hunters, I don’t even like the international one.
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  10. I haven’t seen this show at all. But honestly–nope I would not be living there. You had me saying no at the out house. Then you mentioned polar bears–umm nope. I don’t care how good that connection is, can we say Skype people hahaha.

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