My daughter is ready to grow up. She’s in a hurry to be a pre -schooler. Whenever I drop her brother off at school, she pulls out the chair at the table by the door and sits down and starts flipping through books. That’s only on the days that she doesn’t just run right in and attempt to join the class for circle time. Her little plan is working. She’s won the hearts of my son’s teachers. They can’t get enough of her. His classmates all know her by name and love to play with her after school. She fits right in with those four year old’s. She’s not even two yet.

Recently, I picked her brother up from school and she ran in the class like she loves to do. I was talking to the teacher and she ran to play with the toys. She immediately fell in love with a stroller they had. She’s wanted one for a while now. I meant to get her one for Christmas but, I totally forgot. When it was time to go, I asked her to put the stroller back and she took off running with it. She was blazing down the sidewalk with the stroller! I got her to get it back in the classroom and had to peel her little fingers off of it, one by one. She crumbled. I felt so bad because I know she loves strollers! She was so mad that she went to the teacher to be consoled – crying her eyes out. My son’s teacher saw just how much my baby girl wanted that stroller and cleaned it off and gave it to her.

Stroller Camesha GoshaShe has been glued to that thing ever since. It’s the first thing she wants to play with in the morning and the last thing she plays with before she goes to bed. What can I say? She knows how to get what she wants. Need a little help getting what you want? Take these tips from my daughter.

1 -Ask for what you want

2 – Cozy up to the right people (tears may be required ;))

3 – Don’t go down without a fight

4 – Demand what you want

5 – Once you get it, ENJOY! – You’ve earned it!

Once again, I’ve learned way too much from my kids. They are great reminders for me about living life fully. What do you think of these negotiating tactics? Would this work to get you closer to what you want? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. This is fantastic! We seem to lose the ability (or confidence) to go after what we want. Much can be learned from a determined two-year-old. So great. 🙂

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one…and your daughter is precious!!!! When we moved into our house last year, our new neighbor made chocolate chip cookies and brought them over. Now whenever my son sees her, he tells her how much he loves her cookies and how he hopes she’ll make more for us soon! She almost always brings some over within the next 24 hours!
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  3. It’s amazing how much in life comes to you when you ask for what you want. Kids are so focused, and unabashedly one sided, so it’s a great refresher to read this article.

  4. Nice post Camesha! Your tips are so simple but so exactly correct. At times I’ll find myself frustrated at circumstances, before I realize I never communicated to others what I needed. This post was a great reminder that in order to get what you need and want in life, you have to communicate and not give up on those things that are most important to you Thank you for the reminder!! 🙂
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  5. Soo true. Loved this lesson Camesha. Also I really feel my negotiation skills have got sharper being the referee for some of their squabbles, I’m sure its great training for UN peace keeping.

  6. Your daughter is SO adorable! I love this story.

    I definitely need to be more like your daughter because I generally do take NO for an answer. I’m not the type of person who will continue to ask, ask in a different way, or be persistent. And, I know that works! Guess I need to start improving my persuasion and negotiation skills!

    Thanks for these tips and reminder that sometimes what we want won’t come easy and we really do need to fight for it!
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