It’s no secret that I’m getting older. I know it. The grey hairs on my head provide daily reminders. I was cool with them at first and then they started going rouge. Give a grey an inch, they take over your head. Now it’s time to get into the color. I ain’t going down without a fight!


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I was recently reminded that I’m getting up there. I went to the doctor for a physical. His conclusion was that I’m doing great. He said, “You’re good. Just getting old, that’s all.”  Then, he chuckled.

Well, thanks doc. That’s exactly what I came in here for. To be clear, this was after I told him about my aching back. I’m convinced le back issues are caused by le bebe. She’s tipping the scales at about 23 pounds. Still, I could only laugh at his comment, because it’s true. I am getting old. My mother always tells me it’s better than the alternative. She’s right.

It’s a good thing I left some things out when talking to the doctor. I didn’t even talk to him about the creaking of my bones or the aching of my knee. I guess at that point he would have given me a list of my nearest senior homes.

I’m game. I bet it costs less than my mortgage.

11 comments on “And then he called me old…”

  1. I am on the verge of getting old myself, lol! The BIG 30 came and got me good. Now I know it is time to start thinking about having kids before I am too old to run after them!

    You look great, BTW!
    Karen recently posted…First Things FirstMy Profile

  2. I’m getting older too! My ten year high school reunion is this summer…wow! I’m more comfortable about myself and life in general now that I’m closer to thirty. The early and mid -twenties was rough for me. Hey, wine and cheese are both better with age…right?
    Sherelle recently posted…Back Away From Your Comfort ZoneMy Profile

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