“Storms make oaks take root.” – Proverb

There’s no doubt that no two people are the same. There is also no doubt that we all experience some of the same things. It’s been said that into every life some rain must fall. Well, there have been times where I felt like there was a storm cloud hovering over me with torrential downpours. It gets rough. I think we’ve all been there. How do we deal with it though? How do we move forward when it feels like everything in life has conspired to hold us back and keep us drenched?

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It can be hard to stay motivated and positive when all you see is anything but. Think about it this way, when it rains outside we tend to stay inside and rest, get things done, and do some thinking. The same things can apply to life’s storms. I think it’s fair to first have the “why me?”, “are you serious right now?” responses. After we’re done kicking rocks, let’s change it up.

Here are a few ways to make sure you come through the storm ready for what’s next:

  • Rest – literally just take some time to chill out. Drop whatever stress you can and regroup. Stressing doesn’t help us change a thing and it certainly doesn’t get us closer to our goals.
  • Help someone – this may be the best way to take your focus off of your own issues. Find somebody who is going through something and offer to help. Sometimes, it takes seeing somebody else’s stuff to realize you need to stop tripping!
  • Check your circle – make sure you’re hanging out with people that inspire and motivate you. If everyone around you is a Debbie Downer, they’ll take you down with them.
  • Believe in the bright side – know that things can’t be a mess forever. Believe that there is a silver lining and that you’ll see it. Every storm ends eventually.
  • Note it – what did you learn while in the storm? Use the lessons you learned to make you stronger! Cue Kanye… 

    What’s your tried and true way for dealing with a hard time? Anything to add to this list?




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