With all the sleep I’m NOT getting around here, this book could not have come at a better time. I was recently introduced to and asked to review a new book by well known pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp. The Happiest Baby: Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to Five Years. I was already a fan since the Happiest Baby on the Block book, so I couldn’t wait to peel back the cover of this one. I was hoping it would change my life. That’s a lot of hope to put into a book, right?

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My daughter has been a whole different child from what I experienced with her brother. He was sleeping through the night at three months old. Now I know, I was straight up spoiled by that. My baby girl had reflux issues very early on that had her sleeping all off.

Well, after reading some of the techniques for getting my little princess on the road to sleeping through the night, I was game to try them all! He talks about using music and white noise, sleep positions and many other things to help baby get some Zzz’s. I’ve never been a fan of the cry it out method, so I appreciate the no-cry methods offered. We’re trying that route.

The book is a pretty quick read and it’s easy to follow. He explains the science of sleep and how we are different than our babies. It’s pretty thorough in explaining what babies need, why they need it and when and how you can wean them from certain things.

I like that it doesn’t offer just one way to get your child sleeping. There are several techniques offered.

So far, there are some improvements and we’re going to keep up what we’re learning to make sure we can permanently unload this luggage under our eyes.

This isn’t a book we’ll be putting back on the shelf any time soon. Since there are solutions offered for up to five years, this could be coming in handy for a long time.

With Dr. Karp’s new book, parents won’t have to endure months of sleepless nights like they’ve been warned they will. Everyone in the family will enjoy great sleep and baby won’t have to cry himself tosleep anymore.

Dr. Karp Dr. Karps Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep ReviewHarvey Karp, M.D., is a nationally celebrated pediatrician, child development specialist, and children’s environmental health advocate. He is on the faculty of the USC School of Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Karp’s books and DVDs, The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiest Toddler on the Block, and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, teach parents breakthrough techniques to reduce infant crying, boost sleep, build toddler patience, and stop tantrums.

Did your child have sleep issues? How did you fix them?

Disclosure:  I am participating in a book review campaign with One2One Network. I received this book from Harper Collins for the purposes of reviewing it. I have not received compensation. My participation in the campaign enters me into a drawing for a gift card. All opinions stated are my own.



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  1. This sounds like an awesome book. We decided to stop swaddling Madison at 5 months and it was rough getting her to go to sleep. We actually did a form of the cry it out method but a lot less letting her cry and more hugging and holding. It took her 5-6 days before she was able to go to sleep on her own. Good luck on getting some sleep!
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  2. Oh, I need something soon. My son isn’t a terrible sleeper but more often than not, he wakes up at 4:00 am and can’t soothe himself back to sleep before waking up the rest of us.
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  3. Worked for us! We actually purchased the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD also. Where he demonstrates the S’s. I have twins I didn’t have time to read the book, But my husband did and he highlighted all the important parts for me. Our kids have been on a schedule every since. It is refreshing to know exactly when your child is going down for a nap or bed. We love it so much i’ve been gifting either the book or dvd to all my new mom friends. Keep it up it will pay off in the long run.

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