I saw this over at Made of Snails and decided I’d try it too. Since I am fairly new to the blogosphere I thought this was a good way for you all to get to know me a wee bit. Enjoy and feel free to share as well!

The ABC’s Of Me:

{a} Age: 30 -ish
{b} Bed Size: Cal King (see {h})
{c} Chore You Hate: just one, huh? I’d have to say anything to do with the bathroom.
{d} Dogs: love them!
{e} Essential Start To Your Day: a hug from my little guy
{f} Favorite Color: not sure I really have one… odd.
{g} Gold Or Silver: lately silver
{h} Height: 6’1″
{i} Instruments You Play: none. I want to play the piano – does that count?
{j} Job Title: too many – mostly writer
{k} Kids: my handsome son
{l} Live: Los Angeles
{m} Mom’s Name: Faye
{n} Nicknames: too many. we’ll go with Cam
{o} Overnight Hospital Stays: when I had my little guy
{p} Pet Peeve: too many to name! mostly ignorance in any form
{q} Quote From A Movie: anything from The Color Purple
{r} Right- Or Left-Handed: Left
{s} Siblings: nada. I roll solo!
{t} Time You Wake Up: 6 or 6:30 daily
{u} Underwear: I like em
{v} Vegetables You Dislike: none, I’m weird that way.
{w} What Makes You Run Late: where do I begin?
{x} X-Rays You’ve Had: teeth
{y} Yummy Food You Make: you assume I make food! HA!
{z} Zoo – Favorite Animal: hmm… they’re all pretty stinky. I like the giraffe. Tall has to stick together. 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

4 comments on “Sharing All My Biz-ness”

  1. a} Age: 50 -ish
    {b} Bed Size: full side
    {c} Chore You Hate: dusting
    {d} Dogs: I love them, cats I never know where they are
    e esseential Start To Your Day: a devotional passage
    {f} Favorite Color: Purple
    {g} Gold Or Silver: silver
    {h} Height: 5’3
    {i} Instruments You Play: none.
    {j} Job Title: Communication Technician at a local hospital
    {k} Kids: my daughter that will be 25 this year
    Live: Kalamazoo
    {m} Mom’s Name: Barbara
    {n} Nicknames: None can you believe it!
    {o} Overnight Hospital Stays: when I had my last surgery 5 years ago.
    p} Pet Peeve: too many to name! Don’t sweat the small stuff
    {q} Quote From A Movie: “What can I say I am the best, in your face.” quote from Tiger Woods. I can’t think of a movie at this moment.
    {r} Right- Or Left-Handed: Right
    {s} Siblings: two brothers one older and one younger.
    {t} Time You Wake Up: Work days 1:40 a.m. when I am off 8:00 a.m.
    {u} Underwear: I like ones that don’t move on me like jockey or hanes.
    {v} Vegetables You Dislike: okra
    {w} What Makes You Run Late: waiting on other people.
    } X-Rays You’ve Had: teeth lately
    {y} Yummy Food You Make: Strawberry shortcake.
    {z} Zoo – Favorite Animal Bears

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