It’s not a secret that I had a hard time letting go of the nursing bond. It was a fantastic connection that I feel privileged to have shared with my son. When it was over I was really sad. Well, the same can be said for Kourtney Kardashian. Apparently, celebrities are just like us. She recently opened up about how sad she is to be weaning her son. On her personal blog she shared:

I seriously could cry just thinking about it being over. I love what a beautiful experience I had with my son and just wanted to share it.

She also says she felt pressure to stop breastfeeding from family and friends. Eventually she decided that as long as he wanted to nurse she would let him. I have to say I encountered some of the same things. There were people in my life who weren’t completely supportive of me nursing. I guess it’s because they hadn’t done it. I kept being reminded that he would be getting teeth soon and that at 4 months I had done enough. I kept going until the body gave out at nearly 11 months. Kourtney’s son eventually self-weaned at 15 months. Did you experience any of the pressure to stop or were you just happy that it was ovah?

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  1. I was heartbroken when Violet weaned herself at 6 months, and we only made it to about 3 months w/ the other 2 due to medical issues. But given what I know today I think I’d last longer – which breaks my heart. I miss it to this day!

  2. I am hoping to make it a year with my son so that we don’t ever have to use formula and just make the switch to normal milk then. I will have to give kudos to Kourtney K. on this…b/c you just don’t think of celebrities sticking with breastfeeding for that amount of time. Anytime I have seen any coverage with her and her son, she seems to be a great mommy! 🙂

    • good luck to you! you can do it mommy. i think Kourtney seems to be a pretty good mommy. You don’t expect that from reality TV peeps!

  3. Cam, I have visions of Jeffrey as a grown man climbing up on my lap for a swig, beard and all. As a first generation breastfeeding mom, I am blown away by the bond that nursing creates. I don’t think that that beautifulconnection is ever broken. That being said, I am NOT looking forward to teeth. Poor girls.

    • i was pretty happy i didn’t have to deal with teeth. my son barely had a nub by the time he was weaned. he did learn how to bite with those gums though. the little stinker thought it was funny!

  4. I nursed my daughter until she self-weaned (very, very mutually agreed-upon by me!) at 22 months. I had kind of been wishing for it to happen since about six months, but when it did, I was more devastated than I ever could have imagined. When you have a trick up your sleeve for that long, it’s a pretty big deal to lose it.

    • i hear you. i didn’t think i’d go as long as i did. i thought maybe 4 or 6 months. one the faucet shut off at almost 11 month i wanted to cry.

  5. I enjoyed nursing all three of my kids. All together I was pregnant or nursing for 7.5 years straight! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

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