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I’m inspired to do things I’ve put on the back burner for years because of this little face. I launched this blog because of him (obviously). I finally went into production for publishing my first book because of him. I am going after goals and following dreams because of him. When he was born I knew I wanted him to have the world. I wanted him to live his dreams and not be afraid. I decided that in order for me to truly want those things for him that I had to live that way in front of him. It hasn’t been easy. There’s a lot to stepping out on faith and letting go of fear. His little face is all the affirmation I need that I’m doing the right thing and all the long nights and hard work are totally worth it. He’s totally worth it.

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  1. I am disabled w/chronic illness and pain and feel the exact same way you do. My son is my sole purpose for living and striving to do the very best I can for himm and oftentimes my sole source of joy.

  2. Your son is a ham!

    I remember when I became a mother to Shelly and it changed the way I think because as mother’s you realize life is not all about you anymore and that you have to set a example for them. And of course we all want a better lifestyle for them then what we had. Our children become our purpose in life!

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