Shell over at Things I Can’t Say did a cool link up called Rockin the Bump a while back.I can sometimes be the queen of procrastination. It’s true. Having said that, I didn’t get a chance to play along when everyone was rockin the bump. Just kept putting it off and doing other stuff and yeah, you get it. So, consider this my makeup assignment. I present to you my rockin bump!

Just a few days before I popped

And now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to Shell’s latest creation and rock the baby!

Here we are on Christmas with our newborn son. We don’t look as tired as we were. Trust me!

1st Christmas - one month old

Mommy had a half day and scooped up the little guy for a beach day!

1st day at the beach

Headed to see my uncle graduate on my first plane ride. I impressed everyone on the flight with my good baby skills!

1st plane ride
Getting some Mommy LOVE
Roaming the streets of Hollywood
1st Birthday

It’s my birthday and I don’t care for cake but I LOVE this ice cream stuff. Give me more!

Hanging out at the Grove

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