It’s about to get ugly in the city of L.A. Starting tonight, the city’s largest freeway is shutting down! I-405 is going down for some changes and we Angelenos aren’t taking it lightly. It will be closed ALL weekend long and re-opening on Monday. Cue the drama! This event has been labeled Carmageddon! This is L.A. after all. An event of this magnitude does deserve a movie worthy title.  By all accounts, this shut down is expected to suck! It’s been talked about for weeks, maybe even months to get us prepared for the shut down. We use this freeway to get everywhere. All over the news there has been talk of alternate routes. You just know those are going to be packed with folks everywhere! There has been talk of hunkering down for the weekend and keeping things close to home this weekend. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure I can tell you all about it on Monday. Or if I’m stuck in all weekend – there may be weekend blogging going on at my house for a change!

8 comments on “Carmageddon is upon us”

  1. I agree with Joanne. You could have a weekend long don’t leave the house party…wine, food, movies, books, blogging, painting toenails…I have one of those every couple months.

  2. I would not be able to function if our city loop were closed, and I only live in KCMO. I cannot imagine how LA will get around.

    My husband loves that place, btw. He wants to move there so bad.

    • it wasn’t as bad as we thought. yay! join us in L.A. I’m not from here but they have sucked me in – spoiled by this darn weather!

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