When pregnant have you:

  • Gone into a room for something only to forget what you were looking for?
  • Struggled to find the words for simple, everyday things

Did any of the above continue even AFTER you delivered the baby?

Before I was pregnant, I had only heard the term pregnancy brain. Then, I experienced it first hand and could not believe it was actually happening. For me, it was a combination of forgetfulness coupled with feeling straight up stupid! Simple things would escape me ALL the time.

Why do I bring this up now… Almost two years later!? Well, I don’t think that pregnancy brain really ever left me. I feel like it just morphed into what I will now refer to as Mommy Brain. I promise, my brain is in twelve million different places at one time. Seriously, no less than TWELVE MILLION places! How am I supposed to keep up with all the information that now takes up space in my head? I have to remember at least a million things where my son is concerned. Add in the things I need to remember regarding the hubby and I’m just about maxed out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there! There is our “dog-hter” to be accounted for and parents and other family members and friends. All of these people (and pet) keep my schedule and brain full with things I have to somehow keep locked into my brain. There are dates, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and everyday errands and chores all stuffed in there.

Throw my job on top of all that and I’m completely fried! How on earth do I even have time to blog? Is it any wonder that things slip my mind on a regular basis? The simplest things sometimes totally escape me. The crazy thing is most things no longer phase me even if I do forget about them. As long as my son is taken care of – I’m cool.

Maybe pregnancy and mommy brain is simply a shifting of priorities. The smallest person in your life moves to the front of the line and everything else has to squeeze in where it can or risk falling off all together. Perhaps instead of saying I have mommy brain I’ll just say my brain has undergone a bit of re-structuring. I’m cool with that, it’s the rest of the world that might have a problem adjusting. Blame the baby!

25 comments on “Mommy Brain – It’s Real”

  1. Oh yes, I concur. At the airport this past weekend I left my ID and boarding pass at security and only figured it out when boarding. It really scared me that I just don’t function the way I used to!

  2. This is no lie!!! I seriously scoured the internet for hours looking for some kind of scientific research on this once.

    See up there, Bicultural Mama has heard the tale. I’ve heard tale, urban myth, whatever, of the “study” that says women/mothers are so forgetful because of their masterful multi-tasking skills.

    I’ll take it. Oh, and I usually retain useless information like the month for the greatest amount of precipitation in 1987, but can’t remember it’s water day and the kid needs a swimsuit every Thursday. Whatever, pregnancy, you ruined me…ruined I say!

  3. With me, there is a mommy brain, student brain, employee brain, etc. But, I think that’s the perk of being a mom – we learn how to balance it all. 🙂

  4. This is so true! My friend (who made herself honorary editor of my blog) keeps telling me that I’ve had tons more errors in my posts than I did before I had my daughter.The thing is, I actually proofread! But there’s so many new things competing for my attention in my brain, I can never seem to fully focus. Mommy brain is totally real. Totally. LOL

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