In the wise words of the great Willie Nelson – my family and I are going to be on the road again.  The one in the sky, that is. We’re going to spend some time with family so that they can further spoil my child. I thank you all for your advice about flying with the little guy. He’s only been on two other flights before now. In both cases, things went well. Let’s hope three’s a charm. You’ll be hearing about it either way. HA! I’ll try to post here and there or I’ll just be doing a lot of catching up when I get back. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you peeps soon!

FYI – That’s the first and likely last time I’ll quote Willie Nelson. Where did that come from?

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  1. Flying with kids can be an experience for sure. Wishing you luck and a nice vacation. I’m heading back home with my brood this weekend. Me and three kids on a bus then a plane. Wish my luck!

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