On Friday, I knew how I wanted to spend my Saturday. It has been crazy, summer-type warm. Having been in the office all week, I just wanted to be out in the sun and at the beach! My husband and I decided to do a family day in the sun.

Of course, everyone else in Los Angeles. decided it was a great weekend for the beach too. After driving around forever looking for somewhere to park – I could have almost sprinted to the sand. My son would have sprinted right along with me. He was so excited. It was clear to me that we don’t do this often enough. When you live 15 minutes from the ocean, it’s pretty crazy not to take advantage. So this Saturday, we took full advantage!

I slathered my babies down with sunscreen and we dragged our stuff on to the sand. My daughter, clearly had just woke up. My sun literally, dug right in. Sandcastles anyone?

After playing in the sand and running in and out of the water, it was time to pack it up. I could not be more looking forward to more days like this. This was like my brief taste of spring. Me likey! As for my beach babies… well one of them got all he could from the beach.

How was your weekend lovelies?!


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  1. Looks like soooo much fun. 15 minutes from the beach? WOW. Girl. It was 30 degrees here. That was the high. I’m so jealous.

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