Working from home will no longer be an option. At least, if you work for Yahoo!.

The company had been in the headlines these days because its CEO has decided that it is in the best interest of their company to no longer allow working from home to be an option. People are in an uproar for a few reasons.

They feel Yahoo!’s CEO is making it harder for women in the workplace who actually benefit from being able to take their work home.

People also have an issue with Yahoo!’s CEO because she is a woman and a new mom at that. There’s this feeling that she should understand how hard it is to be a working mom.

The CEO Marissa Mayer, is the same woman who took the Yahoo! gig while very pregnant and barely took any time off after having get baby. I believe the issue people had then was that because she was taking so little time that it would make it harder on other women in her company. The fear is that her expectation would be for people to be as committed to work as she is.

Well, I think in some way those fears are coming true

What do you think of the “no work from home” stance? I think working from home can be a good thing but it can also be distracting. There are so many things I need to do around the house it can be overwhelming to work from home.

5 comments on “On Marissa Mayer: Is this a deal breaker?”

  1. I am surprised they took such a hard stance on this…I realize some jobs can’t be from home and some people can’t work from home b/c of distraction. But getting rid of it completely as a while company? I think that is just plain silly and ridiculous.

  2. I am surprised that she feels this way since she just had a baby! I give her a year to change her mind. I think we all need some flexibility in our lives. My work schedule is pretty flexible and I get to work from home twice a week. I love being able to be home to cook dinner at a descent hour and have a head start on laundry, cleaning, etc. I certainly have to prioritize because when I started working from home I thought it meant catching up on my shows and taking naps! haha Not so!
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  3. I think people should have the option of working from home. It was a life saver last week that CDub could work from home. What if we didn’t have that option? Where would we be?

  4. I admire her for taking the position she has. She wasn’t hired to make friends but to turn Yahoo! around, and she is doing that. I’ve had to “work from home” on certain occasions and I know that the concentration and commitment to the work that has to get done isn’t there- either the kids need attention, or the laundry gets done, lunches need to be made.
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