Beat it kid! You’re bothering me! That’s what I wanted to say to these little brat boys at the park. I made my way over to the park with my little man and we headed straight to the swings. He was all ready to get his “wee!” on. Then comes the angry man child. He wanted to demand ask that I let him use the swing. I told him that we were using it right now. In other words, no. I pointed to the perfectly good, empty swing next to us and told him he could use that one. He proceeded to tell me he couldn’t use that one for reasons he tried to explain. I don’t remember what I said because I was in disbelief that I was having this conversation with a three-ish year old! He told me that we were using his swing and he wanted it. Interesting, kid, this park is public. No matter. He’s a kid, right? So, I indulge him and let him keep talking. He told me he wanted that swing. You know, the one my son is in screaming “wee!” Not gonna happen little angry man. Again, I told him that my baby is using it right now so he could use the other one or wait on us to finish. I kept craning my neck trying to see who this little demanding child belonged to. No one would meet my gaze. Interesting. He kept quiet for a minute then started back up about his swing. Seriously, like a dog with a bone. That’s when his older sister chimed in that he could use it when we were done. The wisdom of a five-ish year old never ceases to amaze me. He didn’t really like that answer and stomped off.

You’d think that would be the end of the playground politics…not so much. After scoping out the merry-go-round for a while, I decided that the baby and I should go for a swing. I waited until no one was on it or even around it. Then, we made our way over. I thought it would be fun since baby boy has never been on one before. A six-ish year old had a different idea. We had only been spinning around for a half a minute before another angry little dude made his way over to us. He said that he wanted to use the merry go round. At this point, I’m thinking, “seriously, what’s up with this park!?” I said sure, join us. He said, “but I wanna go fast.” The way he said it let me know he wanted me to get the eff up! Instead, I said “have at it!” After a few more dirty looks shot my way his nanny called him over and told him to leave us alone. He went away pouting and yelling that he wanted to use the merry go round and he wanted to go FAST!!!

Two children stomping away from me at a playground. This has to be a record. I’m some sort of super evil mom for sure. Or, I just happened to visit the Privileged and Bratty Tot Lot. I dunno.

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  1. Know what I tend to do when angry (your word) asshole (my word) kids show their ugliness – I tend to speak really loud to my own child, in the hopes the jerk gets the hint or at least his or her parent / nanny / keeper hears me. Like “Isn’t it RUDE to speak to others like that, Little Kiss? Isn’t that SO UNKIND? We like to use manners, right??”

    Yah. I do that.

  2. WOW!!! I would have been in shock just like you. And, I like mommakiss’s idea. Thanks for Sharing because this has never happened to me and my first reaction would have been to talk directly to the kid; not try to get the adults attention. This is why it’s good to share best practices 🙂

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