We used to sing a song when I was growing up. Join in if you know the words. U-G-L-Y/you ain’t got no alibi/you ugly!

That’s the first thing I thought of when looking at the latest collections from Givenchy. I have a bit of a love affair with Givenchy fragrances. Very Irresistible is one of my go-to smell goods! That said, if they keep making stuff like this, our love affair won’t make it beyond smell goods. I’m sure my threat has them shaking in their boots.

via fashionindie.com
via fashionindie.com
via fashionindie.com

The Cut took a look at the most ridiculous (i.e. ugly) looks from the spring/summer 2011 shows and good ole Givenchy made the cut. All press might be good press but, in this case this isn’t a list I’d like to be on.  That’s just me. I don’t run a multi-million dollar fashion house but I do know ugly. Why do designers make stuff like this? Is it for the rare Bjork or Lady Gaga type of person who would actually rock it? I’m all for art and expression and some art is ugly. There was one piece I saw that gave me hope.

via fashionindie.com

This, I would actually wear. You know, if it was in my price range and I had somewhere to go where goddess-like attire was appropriate.  Or if I was Carrie Bradshaw on my way to Starbucks.

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  1. some of these can be much better if they are changed just a little bit. Second photo for example, a few minor changes, cancel the bad hair day and it might actually work.

    Oh and 4 meals a day would help too


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