Last week, Bibs & Baubles took a back seat. The blogging cupboards were a bit bare. I had the best intentions to get all my ideas published on this here blog but it just didn’t happen the way I intended. My baby got sick and mommy was busy being mommy instead of writing about being mommy. I took a few days off of the J-O-B to give him some much needed T-L-C. It was a great couple of days and I wish we had more of those days – minus the being sick part. I am constantly reminded how much I love that little boy. It’s overwhelming. I know that’s all mushy and stuff, but it doesn’t make it any less true. While those all-day mommy and me times don’t happen as often as I’d like, I truly treasure the times that I get with him. It was great to take a break from working, blogging, stressing and just focus on mommy-ing. It was great to not write about it, but be about it.

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