Presents are being handed out in Hollywood like it’s Christmas or something. I’m totally getting in line for my bling! Just a few days ago I read about Rachel Zoe getting a “push present” from her husband, Rodger. For those of you wondering about the push present… it’s a gift from your husband for pushing out a baby. I know, any reason for a gift. That being said, I wouldn’t have turned one down had my husband offered! HA! Back to Rachel. Her husband bought her a 10 karat diamond ring for giving birth to their son, Skyler.


That’s quite the present. Why so big? That’s like a Beverly Hills wedding ring. When I think push present, I think of something understated that has some link to mom and baby. Whatevs.

In other news, Nick and Mariah finally gave birth to “dem babies” and Roe and Roc as they’ll be called were just the reason Nick needed to go all out with the bling for his wife. For her first mother’s day, he bought Mariah this.


Again, a bit much. To each his own, I guess. I like that this one at least references the kids. Would have made a good “push present” Rodger… just saying.

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