The wheels started turning. My husband and I were watching a movie/browsing the web and he mentioned an article he’d seen about the habits of wealthy people. The article talked about how they don’t watch much TV and they NEVER watch reality shows. That’s pretty much where I zoned out. I told him to send me the list and I’d read it later. I was already failing on my way to becoming wealthy! LOL! Um, I’m the girl who has RHOA and the Preachers of LA on DVR.

I started thinking about those shows. They are definitely my guilty pleasures. Some people have young adult books, or sexy romance novels, or salted caramels with chocolate. Everybody has something. We all have some sort of secret or not-so-secret things that we have to have. I sat down and started thinking about my “something”. That thinking led to a list of my guilty pleasures… I have SEVEN of them – at least.


1 Online Shopping

I really don’t ever consider stepping foot in a store to go clothes or shoe shopping. I tend to browse the web for what I want and wish myself luck on the fit.

2 Shopping from my phone

Apps are the devil. I do so much shopping with Amazon’s app! I’m probably their top customer. Zulily is another site gets money from me. At one point, I had to just go ahead and delete it. It’s back though…

3 Real Housewives of Atlanta

I have been watching it from Season One! I used to be into ALL of the Housewives shows but I’ve only stuck with this one.

4 Iced Lemon Pound Cake from Starbucks

I have a hard time NOT getting a slice every time I’m in Starbucks. I was crazy about it when I was pregnant and it just stuck with me. I’m a sucker for lemon!

5 Hand Bags. Big Ones

I have always loved big bags. Being that I’ve carried a diaper bag for what seems like forever now… I’m just way too used to bags that can carry my whole life. Once I no longer carry a diaper bag, I’d love to treat myself to one of these… Nothing wrong with having a goal, right?


monogram canvas tote bag LV

6 Victoria’s Secret clearance catalog

Nearly everything I own is from Vicki’s Secret. From the undies to the shoes and clothes – I get it all. The best place to really go crazy is their clearance catalog. So much good stuff and it’s all on sale. WIN.

7 Shoes

I really need to slow up on the whole shoe buying thing. We really don’t need to talk about how many pairs of shoes I have. I went through my closet to find shoes to donate and came up with about 4 pair. Those four won’t make anything that looks like a difference. Le Sigh…

I’ve spilled my guilty pleasures… Your turn! Give me at least one!

35 comments on “I’m So Guilty…”

  1. Shopping online is definitely my guilty pleasure… seriously, somebody should remove Amazon and Ebay from my phone. Also the clearance rack at Macy’s? 75% off in the jewelry section… great deals but not when I buy the entire case. I feel like they know me by name.

    Oh and pumpkin donuts at Dunkin? I can’t stop, I won’t stop.

  2. I actually like shopping from the Amazon app as well. It’s really easy to use and I love that all my payment information is securely stored.

    Don’t get me started on eBay bidding:)

    PS – THANK YOU for participating in the comment linky party:)
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  3. Great post!!! Real Housewives of anything is my guilty pleasure. Oh and chocolate… yoga pants… buying unnecessary things for my dogs… and laying in bed with tea and having the windows open. So I guess I have quite a few, haha 🙂

  4. I am so guilty about stopping after work to a local store when I have had a challenging day and buying a chocolate snickers candy bar. My guilty pleasure tv program would be “Haves and Have Nots.”

  5. Shopping is my definite guilty pleasure, then there’s chocolate and wine… Oh, sod it, I’m useless!

    I’d love to buy an expensive handbag and matching shoes if I had a bit of spare cash!

    Katie <3
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  6. I agree the Lemon Pound Cake at Starbucks is addicting. My guilty pleasure is sneakers I can’t go to the mall and not buy a pair.

  7. Online shopping can be such a guilty pleasure and a time suck. It’s just so easy and it’s like getting a present from yourself.

  8. I’m a sucker for lemon too. I haven’t tried that though… I’ll be looking now. My downfall is bread. If there’s warm bread, or a good special bread in the house, I’ve been known to overindulge in more than a slice or two. 😉

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