Never would I go as far as calling myself a foodie. I do like food though. There are a million restaurants in Los Angeles that I want to try. I think if I had a bit more time on my hands, I’d be a food snob. I’m kind of fascinated by yummy and creative recipes. While I do like good eats, my favorites are pretty simple. I don’t have a specific favorite dish but more fave ingredients. If these things are present in a dish, I’m probably going to order it.


Spinach – This probably doesn’t make the favorites list of most people. What can I say, I’m odd that way. I like to eat spinach in salads, sauteed or in a dip. Pretty much, I’ll take it however I can get it.

goat cheesevia

Goat cheese – Done deal. I keep some in the fridge to sprinkle over salads. Every now and then I have a log of it covered in blueberries to spread on to crackers. Love this stuff!

french freisvia

French fries – How simple. Fries have been my favorite food since high school. I used to eat them so much that at 18 my doctor told me to slow up before I started having health issues. Pfft.What did he know? *I did slow WAY up and hardly eat them now. But when I do…


Plantains– I’ll take them dried or fried, just hand them over. My favorite Cuban restaurant here in Los Angeles serves them as a staple side dish. It’s usually the first thing to go on my plate. My son gets so excited about them too. He starts smiling and wiggling in his seat. I’ve created a plantain eating monster! LOL!


Linguine – For some reason this is my favorite pasta. I totally prefer it over spaghetti. Sometimes I make it with olive oil and a few herbs or use a plain marinara. It’s perfection either way.

Use any of these in a recipe and I’m probably a guaranteed fan. Suddenly, I’m hungry…

Tell me, what are some of your favorite things to eat?

31 comments on “Foodie or Nah?”

  1. I’ve always loved goat cheese and spinach, too. Especially if they’re in a dish together! I wouldn’t call myself a goodie, but I can definitely enjoy some tasty food.

  2. Your food looks so good, I need to eat before I come online lol. I am definitely a foodie and this whole post made me smile!

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