I have this relationship with music. I always have. I love it! I listen to every note, every background vocal, every instrument. When I hear something I like, you can be sure that I’m listening to it over and over again! I have been sharing my love of music with my kids. From jazz to pop, they’re listening to it. I love that they request their favorite songs! One of their favorites is Pharrell’s “Happy”. That used to be our get up and get moving song in the morning. NOw it’s this Michael Jackson song. They want to hear it over and over. I LOVE this song. It reminds me of the old Michael Jackson. It reminds me of the MJ I was crazy about. I want my kids to get to know THAT Michael!

My son has watched a few videos of Micheal Jackson performances. He stands there with his arms folded and watches every step. He says, “that was so cool!”. He asked me who that mans is. I told him it was Michael Jackson. He said, “who is he?” My response? Only the greatest entertainer ever! Enjoy this feel good song with me. It’s time for a dance party!

What’s something you love that you’re sharing with your kids?

35 comments on “What I’m Feeling Friday – Let’s Dance!”

  1. Do you know Michael has that effect on every kid?! I had that same energy when I was a kid and its good to know that even after death kids are still loving him even though they didnt know his work before death.

    I love MJ but that hologram performance at the Billboard awards freak me out! Love live MJ in our hearts!

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I have never seen it before. Love the combination of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

  3. Nia’s obsessed with MJ too – even when she was just 1 and 2 years old she couldn’t get enough! In her mind he’s alive and relevant and my husband and I talk about how sad she’ll probably be when she grows up and learns his full story. For now we just love watching her dance to her heart’s content to his music and try to copy his moves!

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