Have you ever gone shopping only to realize that you needed to make a change? You know, the things you gravitate toward may not be “right” for you anymore?

Have you ever seen something that was so perfect on someone else and when you try to replicate it, it’s not right? You can’t really put your finger on what’s wrong but something is different when that same outfit is on you.

Have you noticed that the stores you shop in have changed a bit? Maybe without you even noticing. The style of the things you like are slowly changing. You may not even feel like you have a choice in the matter. It’s just something that has to be done. So, you do it.

Have you ever thought that the shift in the way you see things has to do with your age? Leaving your twenties and being in your thirties had more style changes than you expected. It’s the thing about getting older. Right?

No? That’s just me. Oh. In that case, carry on then. Carry on. This post never happened…


53 comments on “My Style: When Did That Happen?”

  1. I am now totally confused as to what size in the junior section I would even wear. This tells me I haven’t shopped there in a while; though it does bug me that a lot of “women” sections is just not as stylish. I manage one way or another. I really enjoy smaller boutiques and quirky stores.

  2. Yes to all of the above! lol. I am slowly figuring out how to dress my age, but it’s taken time and thought. Naturally, I lean towards things that interest me. Those things aren’t geared toward any specific age group, usually, though they express where I am…I think. lol.
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  3. I think age is all in the mind. Now body type is something different – that’s real.

    In my 20s I could rock a mini skirt in the coldest day of winter, today not so much. In my 30s I could wear my 4inch stilettos and not feel a thing, today not so much. Today, in my 40s, I’ve learned that my body just doesn’t fit into the clothes it once did and even when it does, it’s not comfortable. Yet, I don’t want to wear the same items I once did. My style has evolved. It’s more confident, not hoochie, and I love that 😉

  4. Yes, this is real! A couple of weeks ago I was shopping with a girlfriend. We’re the same age, but she’s single with no kids. We were in a store we would have just walked by in our 20s. She saw a dress and said it was too “motherly” for her and she felt like that would be her style when she was married with kids… I took offense, but I lowkey liked the dress…
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  5. I’m at such an awkward place in my life because I’ms till fairly young at 24 but Im also a mother and it does not seem appropriate to wear everything my peers are wearing.

  6. Everyone has a different body type and that can be a huge difference on what looks right and what doesn’t. The trick is to find something that accentuates what you love and minimize what you don’t. You will find your style soon enough! I hate being in that age where things are too going or too old but just take the time to find out what you like best on you!

  7. YES to everything listed above. I noticed this shift at the end of my 20s when the things just didn’t feel right for me anymore. I’ve started to dress more my “age” at least more mature, and i’m okay with that. I’ve always been a simple person to begin with, but I love adding more dresses to my closet.
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