I wish someone had told me how much I’d learn from my kids. Then again, maybe not. I’m enjoying the surprise of my babies being my teachers. I have found that I have learned more about me from being a wife and a mother. I’ve learned my good and my bad. It’s like having a mirror in my face at all times. The mirror doesn’t only show you when you look fly, it shows your flaws too. I do have the choice of ignoring what I see or fixing it. I’m choosing to work on me.

I notice how my weaknesses can easily become my kids weaknesses. My insecurities could easily be theirs. If I fail to speak up for myself or them, they may be prone to take things they shouldn’t. If I am rude, impatient or yelling all the time, I can’t expect them to be different. It’s so true that kids do what they see – not what you say.

childrenI’m not perfect. That’s not my goal. I’m just trying to be better. I try hard to be calm with my babies. I try to be very patient. I watch my temper when I’m behind the wheel. I’ve found that I monitor so much of what I do, for their sake.

One area that is really under the microscope is my relationship with God. My son is very curious about God. He asks a million questions. He is intrigued by this God we talk about. His curiosity has made me dig deeper into my faith. I have to be able to explain my faith. It’s one thing to explain it to an adult. As adults we all have some idea of God and who He is. Even if you choose not to believe in Him – you get it. My son is four years old. For all intents and purposes he is new to this world. I can’t give him plain answers and expect him to get it. I can’t fake my faith with him. I love that!

He’s made me think deeper about what  I believe and why I believe.  The kid keeps me on my toes in all areas of life. All of his curiosity will serve him well. I’m sure of that. It’s already done wonders for his mom.

My hope is that my kids mirror my strengths. If they just have to mirror my weaknesses as well, I hope that at least those weaknesses will look more like works in progress.

What are your kids showing you about yourself? How do they challenge you?

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  1. It is so true – actions speak so much louder than words. My kids have shown me the importance of having more patience, slowing down and enjoying life.

  2. Kids are sponges. I’m always watching what I say to my son so he doesn’t take things too literally. And I’m amazed at what he does learn (he’ll bring things up months later – and he’s only 2.5-years-old.)

  3. Motherhood is such a wonderful and terrifying mirror for me, too! I think having children, being a wife are the hardest endeavors that I’ve ever committed to in my life. But they are also the most rewarding, instructive, and ever changing. I hope my children can look at my life as it is, as an ever work in progress toward something better. I hope they learn that from me. I hope they can believe in the power of new days , forgiveness, sunshine, and positivity. I am not perfect but I do aim to live these things everyday of my life.

  4. This is so very true. When I’m overly stressed and having a few bad days I can tell a difference in my kids. I try to remind myself how I handle a situation is how I’m teaching them to handle one. I’m far from perfect and I know I want to be better at showing them the example I want them to learn from.
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  5. Great quote. It is so important to remember that our kids look up to us. I know I forget sometimes.

  6. I think one of the things that makes good parents, good parents is that we strive every day to work at being a better parent.We recognize our faults and know that we want to do and be better.

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