This Friday, I’m feeling all kinds of determined. I have talked about my fitness woes before. You all were full of suggestions and support! Love that! 🙂 Things are slowly turning around for me in that area. It all started with Twitter. Yep, Twitter.

I got a tweet from a workout group here in the L.A. area. They were starting a new fitness class geared at busy moms and invited me to try it out. It’s times like this that I love social media! I immediately got excited. The class started at 9a. I drop my son off for school right before 8a. This was actually doable. So I got up, determined to go. I threw on my workout gear and got our day going. After getting my son to school, my daughter and I headed to the park to get our fitness on! It was lovely. I was sweaty, winded and my muscles hurt. I was beyond happy! I’m the weird one that doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything if I don’t feel the burn!

workout 3The lady that organized the whole thing sat with my daughter so that I could actually work out. She and my baby girl talked, played with toys, picked flowers and ran around all within view of mama. I thought it was so sweet of her to offer. She really wanted me to be able to try the class. I’m always paranoid about people when it comes to my kids so it meant a lot to me for her to offer to keep an eye on her “right over here where you can see us.” She got a big hug from me after class!

The class will be held once a week for the rest of this month. Once they see how it goes and see how many moms are interested they’ll go from them. I’m hoping it does well.  Mama needs this!

I’m figuring out our new schedule since my son has started school and I can see where I can squeeze a few more workout days in during the week. YES!

That’s what I’m feeling. What are you feeling this Friday?


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  1. I blew off most of my workout today because I was bit by something on Wed. It hurts to walk, but I did a few blocks tonight. That’s so nice that you had help watching your daughter so you could participate.

  2. I got to an awesome gym class a couple mornings a week…need to do it early or else it won’t get done!

  3. One of my goals this fall is to get into a better workout routine. It’s so hard when you have a kid and don’t have much of a support system around. But even if it means we just go for long walks together and I do some strength training while he naps, it’ll be something 🙂
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