Sometimes we’re ready for the stuff that comes our way. At other times we have to get ready. My first baby started elementary school yesterday. I had so much anxiety about it all. I was totally nervous about him fitting in, making friends and all of that.ย  Preschool was one thing but this…this is big kid school. My heart would race just thinking about it.

When we pulled up to the school parking lot, my son took a look at all of the cars in the lot and said “there’s a lot of students here”. I could tell he was getting nervous. Up until then he had nothing but excitement in his voice. He was looking forward to meeting new friends. As we walked to the lineup for his class he held my hand and stayed close. He always holds my hand but this day it was different.

jk first day lamar momOnce we entered his classroom we found his name and got his things situated. We took a few pictures and he just looked around his new classroom, attempting to get himself used to this new space.

jk first day nervous

I told him that Mommy and Daddy would be leaving soon. He wanted to know why I was leaving him. Yep, he was nervous. We re-assured him that we’d be back to get him and ready to hear all about his day. He was alright. Still anxious, but OK.

jk first day lamar sticker momI’m not crying. He thought it was a good idea to put a sticker on my eye. I thought it was a good idea to let him. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was hard for me to leave him there. When he was in daycare, I transitioned him. I was there with him every day for four weeks before I went back to work. I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with everyone and I wanted to make sure I was as well. During that time, I got to know the teachers really well. By the time I left him there, I felt like I was a part of the staff. I still keep in touch with his teachers from day care.

When he started preschool, I didn’t get a chance to do the same transition phase obviously. I guess that was my dry run for now. It was easier because it was preschool. All of the kids were the same age. It wasn’t BIG kid school.

I thought I’d be one of the moms that cries. I didn’t. I just smiled the whole time. My tears wouldn’t have helped anyone. Instead of allowing my eyes to fill, I chose to feel the fullness in my heart instead. It is indeed full.

How did the first day of school go for you?

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  1. I still remember my first day at kindergarten! At last I was able to go to the same school my big sister attended. My mom taught at a different school, so she left me with a cheery smile, hug, and a wave. My kids were enthusiastic about kindergarten and all the things they were going to learn. It was hard for me when the youngest started school, but he had a blast.
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  2. The first day at elementary school is a big day! Preschool is very tiny in comparison! I hope the school year goes well for him! I’m sure he’ll make a lot of friends, he seems like a nice outgoing kid!

  3. I remember dropping my oldest off for kindergarten. I worried about all the same things you did but she went in, sat down, and started on drawing a picture. I had to tell her that I was leaving because she was so engrossed and that’s when I realized I had no reason to worry about her. She’s in her last semester of college now!

  4. it’s a huge milestone in their little lives, and for sure a powerful one. it’s a step towards independence. my littlest started full day kindergarten this year and i was so sad for me, happy for her. i’ve had a kid home with me for 9 years and suddenly i’m alone!
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  5. My older two were wicked nervous; one transferred here this year as she just moved in with us from her Moms (my step daughter) the other is my daughter both heading to a “new to them” school this year, because my daughter is now at middle school. My younger two, the boys…. well my older of the two sons did fine, but my youngest is still having anxiety leaving me. Thankfully this is day two of dropping him without tears, just him looking a wee bit anxious but NO tears. Thank God.
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  6. Aww! He is so adorable. I’m glad you BOTH made it through that first day. I’m dreading the day my son has to go to big kid school too. Thankfully we have a couple years yet…but I already think about it often! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you guys! I bet he’ll love school.
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  7. After reading most of the comments I must be the minority here. I was thrilled for my dude to finally start school. He was bored with us, I’m sure! haha He was the first in the door, had a nice chat with his teacher then waved us goodbye. Now we have had a few hiccups since he started a few weeks ago, but he’s getting the hang of it. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  8. I don’t have kids, but I am really loving reading these posts from all the moms. I’m living vicariously, but I certainly can appreciate that it’s not easy, and that it’s hard watching your babies grow up.

    But looks like everyone had a great first day.
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  9. I’m surprised they let you stay at Daycare. The ones I used to work at used to kick parents out. Transitioning is such a better way. That being said, since you did it with daycare he’ll be fine for preschool. Good for you for not crying! I cried so bad with my oldest but with the next one I was fine. It is better when you don’t cry.
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  10. The first day of school was rough for me and Moo. We both cried and then matters didn’t improve when found her outside in the pickup line bawling her eyes out because she had to experience the raft of the Mean Girls on her first day. Thankfully, things have greatly improved and we’re hoping they stay that way for the reminder of the school year.
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