Fin. I’m done with it. TGIF and I shall now part ways. Yep, we broke up.

I am all aboard and hitching my wagon to that whole “ain’t life grand train”. I am all about not being this girl anymore.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever really hated Mondays. Yeah, it means the end of the far too short weekend. Yes, it’s back to the grind. Still, I was never mad at it. We had our moments though.  Let’s be clear on that! LOL!

Then, I started to think about things a bit different. I started to feel like that countdown to Friday was really me just rushing my life along. I didn’t like that feeling. Most of my week was spent at work. That’s five days out of seven. Why have a countdown going for that much of my life only to make myself happy for two, very rushed days? That didn’t jibe with me. My weeks are different now. I spend ALL week with my kids. Our week can be a grind. My son is starting elementary school today and the grind is about to really kick into high gear. He’s got to be at school at 7:50a. He’ll be in some extra curricular activities. My daughter has her classes and activities that will shift according to his new schedule. Then there’s that time I need to squeeze in there to do me. Yep, Monday through Friday is going to be a grind. It’s one that I’m not rushing though.

wait friday


If watching my babies grow up teaches me anything, it’s that time FLIES! I don’t need to rush it. Um, I’m suddenly the mom of an elementary school student people. Time is FLYING! More than anything, I want it to slow down a bit.

Starting this new phase, my son could NOT be more excited. He’s only talking about all the new friends he’s going to meet. He can’t wait to go to school because “I need to learn, Mommy.” His blind enthusiasm is so innocent. I’m deciding to take a page from his book. He hasn’t had a case of the Mondays and in his world they don’t exist. Every day is just a new day for an awesome adventure, time to learn something new, make new friends and see new things. Ding! That’s how I want to see life. Let me borrow those rose colored glasses! It may seem unrealistic but I am all about seeing the good and the positive. When we focus on the good and positive, we begin to see more of it. That being the case, I say bring it Monday! Tell Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that I look forward to meeting them too. In due time.

What’s your take on Mondays? It is back to the grind or bring it on!?


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  1. Love this!! It’s so true. I always celebrate Monday & often write a weekly gratitude prompt called Magical Mondays. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I have started to really enjoy Monday quite honestly! Now that my kids are 10, 8, and almost 6, I look forward to getting back to uninterrupted entrepreneurial projects and writing time. I also love the quiet freedom in running a simple errand at 10 am if my coaching schedule allows, as the stores are empty and I can run in and out without the hustle and bustle. Enjoy your Mondays girl…time does fly!!
    Stacey recently posted…Mind-Body Monday: A Labor of LoveMy Profile

  3. You know, I’ve actually started to love Mondays, but I think that’s because I love what I do, and I’m also fairly reclusive on the weekends and by Monday morning I’m craving contact with other people.

    But I agree, we spend so much time wishing for the future, we don’t enjoy the present.
    Girl in Beta recently posted…September Goals (Shocking, I Know)My Profile

  4. I definitely used to count down to Friday. I still have those weeks where I can’t wait for it to come, but changing my work life and my perspective has definitely helped. I love Mondays now!

  5. It almost seems in todays world you have to dread Mondays. I love Mondays just as I love any other day. I get to live my life. I can walk and talk while others can’t. I try to never take a day for granted. Mondays get such negativity when really they are a fresh start, a new week. Uncharted territory! As you were saying why count down 5 days to your 2 days off, enjoy your life 🙂
    Laurel Wads recently posted…Month Focus – September 2014My Profile

  6. I love the quote about always waiting on the next thing. I really used to live like that, counting days until the next weekend or holiday. I’ve made an effort to stop, and the days during the week are much better!

  7. I dislike monday’s as it’s back to the 9-6 grind at my desk. Can’t wait for a time when I can do all the ideas I’d like to do. My BF is starting training to become a PT so here’s hoping that picks up then no 9-6 for him and we’re closer to helping me find my dream career!

    Katie <3
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  8. I’m never prepared for Mondays. 🙂 I try to schedule as little as possible on Mondays, because I’m always overwhelmed somehow.

  9. What a wonderful post! I remember what it was like to dread Monday’s and be wishing the week away. I don’t any more because I’m living a life I love thank goodness. YAY for Monday’s!

  10. I never really thought about it, but the countdown to Friday is exactly what you said, rushing my life away! Although, I do look forward to the weekends for relaxation and no commitments.

  11. I certainly preferred weekends when I was working in-house at a job. I like my work, but given the choice of taking a run when I feel like it and working in my garden or going into an office on a gorgeous day, it’s a no brainer. I haven’t worked on a Monday to Friday schedule in years and neither does my husband, so weekends don’t have the same feel for me as they do for other people. And with kids, there’s even less difference—until school starts. I loved the freedom summer gave us, but I’m ready to settle into a routine. Still, I sometimes miss our lazy mornings. I’ve done my best to schedule our mornings so they are calm, but I’m keeping an eye on the clock, keeping things moving.

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