Super blogger Perez Hilton has been pretty busy lately. Aside from launching other sites he’s apparently written a book as well. He’s no stranger to the book world. His last two books did well. This new book has an entirely different audience. This one is a children’s book. I have to say I was a little… ok, a lot shocked by this. Hilton is known for being snarky and mean. So a book for children seems an odd match. What’s he going to tell them? Don’t be like me. I know he’s changed a bit here lately. He’s trying to be less mean and more positive. I get that. This change of heart, was brought on in part by all of the recent reports of the bullying of gay teens. It seems the recent events made him realize he was a big bully himself in many ways. He was practically known as the biggest bully in Hollywood for his relentless attacks on various celebs. If he says he’s turned over a new leaf, who am I to say otherwise? Maybe this new leaf is what brought this book about. It’s aptly titled, The Boy With Pink Hair.  Fitting for Hilton who rocked that hair color on a regular. The book is about being accepting of differences in yourself and others. Great message – appropriate messenger? Here’s hoping.

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