Have you ever been to a salon and thought “man, this place is a hot, hairy mess”? You next thought being that they could really use the help of the crazy talking, key snatching, cut you with her words, sparing no feelings Tabatha on Bravo’s  Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  Maybe that’s never happened, but it could. Now what if that same lady is the first person you thought of when you think children’s charity? Didn’t think so. Apparently, she does have a heart and it’s not black. Good to know. She recently teamed up with a non-profit in Atlanta to raise money for childhood cancer research. Sweet.  Her part in the fundraiser? Hosting worldwide head-shaving events. Armed with a razor, she stood at the ready to tackle 200 heads. Ha! That’s the Tabatha I know! I believe the hair was used to make wigs for children while going through cancer treatment. Nice.

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