This picture doesn’t make any sense. Neither does the following. At least in my head.

My husband and I were at our favorite store (read: we’re there way too much) Target. We were in the baby section getting stuff for your know who. A lady walks up and, somehow a conversation began between she and my husband. I think she asked his advice on some baby product. He looks all-knowing that way. It’s true. He answered.  Then he said, “I see you’re expecting, congratulations.” I looked over at what I’d assumed was just a pudge and, held my breath. I was ready to overly apologize for his assumption. Then, I saw this woman positively beaming while rubbing her tummy! Uh, she’s pregnant?!?! Apparently, yes. How did he see that and I didn’t? I haven’t the slightest. I just know that if I’d uttered a congrats it would have been a completely different scenario. It would have turned out that she wasn’t pregnant but had just consumed a Baja Fresh burrito and she would have turned beet red with anger/embarrassment while I tried to back track my way out of a disaster. That’s how it would have gone down. I’m sure of it.

6 comments on “Husbands Intuition?”

  1. Men do have intuition. We are also conditioned not to take a leap of faith on something like “Is she really expecting”. So, if he (I) said it, then he (I)was pretty darn sure that she was.

  2. It totally would have ended badly for me too. In fact this situation happened to me at work today. I saw a woman who I hadn’t seen in several months. I was 75% sure I had heard she was pregnant and she did look heavier, but it wasn’t a sure thing. I was trying to figure a way around it when she started talking about different vacations people were taking. I then asked oh so when do you get Your vacation? And luckily she replied the end of May if I make it that far!

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